Fall-ish Friday Five

Welcome to Fall!!

How’s this for a bowl of Autumn oats?


I used the usual old-fashioned oats, water, almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. And then I added my new star ingredient!


I stumbled upon it yesterday at Great Harvest Bread Co. It seemed unhealthy, for sure, but I was wrong! It’s made of only natural ingredients: just pumpkin, spices, and sugar! It’s a moderation food due to all the sugar, but a little goes a long way and it is DEVINE.


Are you excited about Fall? I sure am – and here are some reasons why…

1. Fall Clothes: My sundresses and tank tops are feeling over-worn. My debit card is craving some boots and scarf purchases.

I love to unearth boxes of extra clothes in the basement and crack one open to find all the cozy sweaters I’ve forgotten about.  Maybe I’ll find time to switch out my wardrobe this weekend?  Then again, this is St. Louis, and we could very well be back to scorching weather next week. Every year, without fail, we get a heat wave right after I pack away my summer clothes!

2. Heart-warming Drinks: Before I discovered (and became hopelessly hooked on) the joys of black coffee, I practically lived for Autumn-themed lattes at the Seattle’s Best in Borders. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Peppermint Mochas…even though I don’t drink them any more, they bring back such wonderful memories! These days, I sometimes toss in some Pumpkin Pie Spice or cinnamon into my coffee grounds before I brew it. I’m still up for some apple cider, though!



3. Halloween: Long gone are my costumed days, but I’ll always love Halloween.  It’s just plain fun!  By the time Halloween rolls around, I’m drowning in homework, absolutely drowning in to-do lists, and most often sleep-deprived. Halloween is so carefree and frivolous and it reminds me that it’s okay to have fun!

Also, I like to live vicariously through my brothers and their Trick-or-Treating. Every year, I try to talk them into being something that involves face paint – I love getting to make them look dead!

4. Harvest Foods: Butternut squash, pumpkin, apples, kale, sweet potatoes, pomegranate…I’m mourning over the summer berries, but I forget the sadness instantly when I think of what’s to come!  No words for my excitement.


Last night’s dinner: green pepper stuffed with millet (my new favorite grain! I love to mix mine with a little hummus), lightly steamed carrots, zucchini, spinach, and vegetarian chikin strips.

5. My Fall Fantasy Wish List:

The perfect unisex fragrance, aka decadent fall in a bottle.

Classic cashmere sweaters in every color

A sturdy tote in bottle green or plum

Lusciously detailed boots and booties

Proof that fall can be bright and cheery

An autumnal tumbler


Happy Autumn, everyone, and happy Friday, too!


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