This Girl Runs

Although I’ve been a dancer for almost my entire life, running has quickly become my new love.  I used to despise running.  I walked most of the mile runs in high school and complained about the torture of running when doing laps for the dance team.

A few years after finishing high school, I began to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  I didn’t belong to a gym and I had yet to discover the benefits of weight training, so the only thing I could think to do was lace up my old lawn mowing shoes and head outside.  That first run was just a few miles and slow as can be, but I found myself pounding the streets three or four times per week.  I never viewed myself as a runner, never thought I was particularly athletic, and I definitely didn’t know the first thing about racing.  I wore the same old shoes for almost two years and eventually worked my way up to 5 and 6 miles at a time.

Before I knew it, I’d caught the bug.  After reading the race recaps of other bloggers, I thought it might be fun to try it myself.  In a moment of sheer excitement and nerves, I signed up for the 2011 Go!St. Louis Halloween 10k.  And I haven’t stopped since.


During race training, I generally log 50-65 miles per week, and 30-40 when I’m not training.  This year, I ran both my first half marathon and full marathon.


Today, running reminds me just how much a person can change for better with nothing but hard work.  No luck, no outside help; just dedication and relentless faith. I have gone from grass-stained-sneaker wearing, slow, recreational jogger, to a happily addicted marathoner in obnoxious Mizuno Wave Elixirs.

Race Recaps

2011 Go!St. Louis Halloween 10k

2011 Chesterfield Gumbo Flats Pumpkin 10k (2nd place Age Group)

2011 Missouri MASTERS 5 Miler

2012 Cottleville Race for the Helmet 7k

2012 Go!St. Louis Half Marathon 

2012 Freedom 4-miler

2012 Go!St. Louis Halloween 10k

2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon: Part 1 and Part 2

2012 Chesterfield Gumbo Flats Pumpkin 10k (3rd place Age Group and PR)





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