Workout Confessions of a Young Mother: 3 Miles and Clothing

Since we last talked, a few big things have happened. One is, obviously, that I’ve run three miles! Twice! My younger sister and I have made the trek twice now and I’m terribly proud of myself.

The other big thing is that my amazingly wonderful husband has begun his training to become a Highway Patrolman! I’m so much prouder of him than I am of myself. Husband Mark has always been a sprinter, but he’s quickly learned that distance matters to the Highway Patrol. My motivation to keep going is that I know he’s running as well, so I might as well keep at it! Also, if the people on Biggest Loser can run a 5k, then so can I, right? Right.

Running has taken a foothold in my life. I can almost say that weather doesn’t matter, that if it’s not a rest day, I’m running. Almost. If it’s really cold or seems dangerous out, then I won’t go (dangerous, as in zombies or werewolves… just kidding, too icy or snowy). Today, the high was 25 degrees… so I ran.

Of course, I forgot my gloves. So I went back to get them, right? Wrong. Here’s my confession. I was worried that if I went back to get gloves, I would stay inside. It was cold, it would have been easier to stay inside and snuggle with Maverick. So I pushed on. Unfortunately, I learned a lesson.

NEVER FORGET YOUR GLOVES. Well, more like, “Always dress for the right weather.” It’s funny that this should happen to me now, since Taya experienced the opposite problem during her 10k. We must be very silly ladies. Well, I ran over a mile to the grocery store, where I went inside to warm up for about two minutes and, with dripping nose and red hands, I headed back outside. The mile run home was hard, but I obviously made it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this…

Folks, don’t forget your mittens. Go out for a run. I couldn’t help but think of the phrase, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never go.” It’s true! Whether it’s cold or hot, there is always a time of the day to go run. I can see the changes happening to my body, and I feel better on the inside, too.

Go for a run.

~Confessed by Rae