Unexpected and Much Appreciated.

Was anybody else in the St. Louis area completely surprised by the snow we got today? I guess it wasn’t really even an inch, but it made my day so much more fun.

Today started at 4 in the morning in Illinois after another long weekend with Sean, and I was on the road at 4:45 in time to get to work and open the store.  The weatherman on the radio kept saying we might see “one or two” flurries, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Also, I was going to show you a picture of the new Starbucks steel cut oats I ordered alongside my black grande quad Americano (don’t judge my caffeine intake), but they gave me the old, regular oatmeal and I was mad, so we’re just going to move on.

The cold weather seemed to deter all but our most loyal customers today, so business was pretty slow.  I only had four customers during the first hour, and that’s counting our exterminator appointment. This gave me three hours by myself to receive Snapchats of my friends making stupid faces…


Don’t hate me, Alicia.

…contemplate new smoothie flavors (why don’t they come in watermelon?!), and do pushups in the boss’ office (I hope she doesn’t watch the surveillance video). By the time my coworker arrived to keep me company, we had big, fat snowflakes and even colder temps.  What did that mean for this lil smoothie maker? Very few customers, and more preserved energy, considering I couldn’t fall asleep until around one last night. So by the time my shift was over, I was feeling good.  Nay, positively energetic.

So there I was, clocked out and facing a winter wonderland. Hmm.

You know that feeling you get when you’re in school and there’s even a slight chance you might be blessed with a snow day? I had that, and I knew exactly why.

All winter, I’ve been waiting for a real winter run.  Not just the kind where you can’t feel your legs and you’ve got snot frozen to your cheeks.  I wanted to run in snow, and I finally had my chance. So I went home to change and hightailed it to my favorite nearby trail.


With a wind chill at 8 degrees, I can’t understand why I was the only one there.;)


I think I’m really close to perfecting my winter running wardrobe.  From bottom to top: a thick pair of ski socks, Asics running tights, sports bra (obvs), a Nike dri-fit base layer shirt, the new North Face jacket I got for Christmas, my ever-inspiring 26.2 gloves, ear-warmer worn as neck-warmer, and a hat.

I only went out for 4 miles, and while I was chilly, it wasn’t too uncomfortable.  The views really did it for me.




It’s not exactly like I was in the Alps or anything…


(My 80’s coat and bright blue sunglasses are very cool)

But the snowy trail made for such a wonderful and peaceful run. Everything was so still, so untouched, and I felt alone in the best way possible. I felt like a child, running around like a maniac while sensible adults stayed inside.  It reminded me that running should never be taken too seriously and that it should allow you to tap into that childhood feeling of freedom.

I even had some fun stopping to look back at my footprints.  When you think about it, runners are only thinking of what’s coming next, not the steps we’ve already taken.  Being able to see the physical remnants was cool in a way I just can’t quite explain.

What’s really crazy is that my phone quite literally froze to death halfway through.  No more Pitbull, no Twitter alerts, no texts.  Just me and a few birds.  I stopped near the end to stand there and let it all wash over me.  It was beautiful.


And that race I ran on Saturday? Heh.  Yeah, tell you all about that tomorrow.



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