Workout Confessions of a Young Mother: The Restart.

Back again with some words from Rae!  It’s a double-post day as I try to catch up from being sick! ~ ThisGirl

Day Two: Harder than day one. Man, those muscles get really tight, don’t they? I am trying to be up and moving as much as possible, but I have a child to nurse and take care of, which equates to a lot of time sitting right now. Getting out there to run that mile with my sister was something I dreaded until the moment I put on my running clothes. Once they were on, I remembered how proud I was of myself for running yesterday and figured it would feel just as good today. And I was right!

Besides, showers are a lot more satisfying when you earn them.

Taya and I have yet to meet to figure out our plan of attack (as in, attacking my body), but I know when we do, we’ll be on the right track to bring me to a happier, healthier momma. My super-cool husband fella is heading off to the Highway Patrol Academy in January and he’ll be running (and a lot more than that, of course), so I want to know that when he’s graduated, I can run with him if I so choose.

The phrase “young mother” is in the title of these little blurbs from my brain, so I guess you should know, I’m 22. Well, 22 ½, but I figure after 21, there’s no reason to keep track as closely. But I love birthdays, so I’ll keep track. Anyway, I’m 22, was married at 20 to my awesome husband, and became a mother this year. I know it isn’t easy for a lot of moms to get out and run or do what they want, but we are living with my parents right now (glamorous, I know). It’s not ideal, but we will potentially be moved anywhere in the state of Missouri once Husband graduates, so there was little reason to move somewhere only to have to move again so soon. Moving to my parent’s was stressful enough. Besides, that means my parents are able to help with Maverick so I won’t be single-momming it during weekdays when he’s gone.

This being said, I am extremely grateful and forever indebted to my parents, mom especially, for giving me the ability to go running when I want. And I do want to. Sure, I’m two days into this, but there was something really relaxing about not having to think about anything at all. It was so non-stressful, clearing my head so completely. Maybe at some point, I’ll think while I run, but these two days have been more about focusing on putting one foot in front of the other at a faster pace than a walk.

Day two’s trails took me the same place as yesterday, but I ran a little bit farther. I’m determined. I want to be one of those moms who is fit and sexy and people see me with a baby and are surprised that I had him. I want to be healthy and strong so I have the energy to keep up with Maverick. I want to be a better me for me.

– Confessed by Rae


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