Workout Confessions of a Young Mother

Hey, readers!  Welcome to a new year and a new feature blogger. For the past year and a half it’s just been me here on This Girl Thrives.  Now I’m proud to introduce my wonderful friend, Rae, who will be sharing her journey in the fitness world as a new mom. ~T

About seven weeks ago, I gave birth to my husband’s and my first child.


Maverick took his time getting out, totalling 36 hours of labor, and he was a whopping 8 lbs., 15 oz. You might not think that’s big, but you didn’t push him out. Before Maverick was thought up, I was trying to work out on a regular basis, with my husband working out next to me at the gym, but I don’t think my heart was in it.

During my pregnancy, I experienced the joys of “Morning Sickness” (try “all-day sickness”) and lost all will to live. Just kidding, but working out was the last thing on my mind (I was also finishing up my last semester of college with our dear Taya, so I didn’t feel very motivated anymore). Once I was graduated, summer hit, and I tried my hardest to walk every day and keep in shape. Ha! All those videos I watched of pregnant women working out made me wonder where they found those vast stores of energy. So, alas, my workout days were slim to none.


Confession time. My pre-pregnant weight was around 140-145 lbs. I’m not ashamed to share my weight because I plan on beating up that pre-pregnancy weight. Right before I had Maverick, I weighed in around 190. ONE-NINETY! I was mortified. Seriously. It was appalling to me. However, my loving husband would remind me that I was growing a person, and my doctor would remind me that every woman gains differently and that I wasn’t unhealthy or anything. He’s a nice doctor…

Anyway, after Maverick was born, the weight loss obviously began quickly. Seven weeks into this, I’m already around 155 lbs. That’s right ladies, exclusive breastfeeding has its advatages!


Taya was a great encourager when I told her I had a goal in mind. My goal? If I tell you readers, I feel like I’ll really have to stick to it… so here it is: to run a 10k by the end of next year, preferably before Maverick’s birthday in early November. I know I can do it, I’m pretty dang determined, I just figure the more people keeping me accountable, the better. Besides, 6 miles can’t be that hard, right?

I ran my first mile yesterday. Ran the whole thing, didn’t die, and had my wonderful, beautiful 16 year-old sister at my side as my running buddy. She was another great encourager and we plan on doing at least a mile a day together (there will be rest days too, don’t worry).


When I ran, my mind shut off. I had very few thoughts. When it started to get a little difficult, I reminded myself that I had a baby. If I could birth a child, then I could run a mile, and WOULD run it! So I did. That, and the fact that my sister was running and I didn’t want to make her stop, so run I did. And it felt truly wonderful. I feel like I’ve started a journey and can’t wait to see where the trails take me!


Confessed by Rae.


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