In The Spirit

Goood morning! Huh.  Seems I’ve missed the end of the world.

I’m getting my daily coffee fix at Starbucks before work, and boy do I need it.  After a gathering with work friends that lasted into the early hours of the morning,  fell into bed around 3 and somehow managed to get to the gym at 6:30.  I definitely had thoughts of skipping the gym – the cold weather didn’t help – but I always feel so good when I workout first thing in the morning.

I just did 20 minutes on the stairs and a quick but intense shoulder session.  I’m saving my energy for Zumba (a bunch of work friends are coming, so it’ll be a blast) and opening night of El Monstero!

El Monstero is a truly fantastic Pink Floyd tribute band, and this is my second year performing with them. I’m dancing a ballet solo to Vera, and I’m so pumped. I went to rehearsal a few nights ago –


– but I’m really looking forward to those opening-night butterflies and the way I can feel the first few booming notes of the concert echo in my bones. Dancing classical ballet during a rock concert is the greatest.

Oh, and quick little rant: does anybody else get a little irritated when people talk really loudly at Starbucks?  I mean, I understand I choose to work in public, but it’s as if these people are trying to speak to a crowd of thousands.

Deep breath. Anyway.

Can you believe there are only a few days left until Christmas? I was about to tell you how I haven’t quite gotten into the spirit yet (definitely haven’t gotten into the wrapping spirit, oops) but that’s not really true:

I’ve been getting my Christmas nail art on…

IMG_3677 IMG_3746


Last weekend, we visited Sean’s Dad and family for their annual Christmas party.


6 takes and I couldn’t get Sean to keep his eyes open.  He’s just a child, really.

I also went to my parents’ house to decorate the tree and watch both Elf and Christmas Vacation, which I absolutely have to watch every year.


This is my first Christmas away from my parents, which feels a bit strange and less cozy, somehow.  I also haven’t done any baking, cookie eating, or cocoa slurping.  I just haven’t had the time and I honestly don’t really want to eat any cookies.  I’m definitely putting a dent in my holiday tea stash, though. Right now, I’ve got peppermint, pumpkin spice, and holiday black chai. They’re teas are pretty good, but they’re nothing compared to Sugar Cookie Sleighride, which I still haven’t managed to find. Ugh. It’s also a good thing I don’t live too close to Teavana, or I’d be there

Anyway, before my computer dies or my fingers freeze off (do they even have the heat on in here?) I wanted to leave you with some fitness thoughts.  During this time of year when all we want to do is curl up in bed and never move, get up and move instead! Even a few squats or a quick plank hold will make you feel energized with hibernation is threatening.  Not only will it warm you up, but physical activity is stress-busting and endorphin-stimulating, especially if the Christmas hustle and bustle is getting to you. 

Now is an especially good time to jump into a group fitness class, which is a lot more fun than a lonely, boring hour on a cardio machine.  Once January hits, the gyms will be flooded with resolution-ers, but until then, classes are mercifully smaller. If you live in the St. Charles area, I really recommend checking out this awesome Living Social deal for Zuga Fitness, a Yoga/Zumba studio with classes taught by my favorite Yoga instructor, Joe! It’s a great deal – $9 for three classes – grab one for yourself and someone else!



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