23rd Birthday, Part Two

Where did we leave off?

Ah yes, I was having a panic attack in my room. At midnight.  As slow, heavy footsteps thumped closer and closer to my bedroom door.

If you dare wonder what was going through my crazed head, here’s just a bit of it: "I should grab something heavy, I should be ready to fight…I know kickboxing! But he could be armed…this bed is creaky and if I move, he’ll hear me.  It’s best not to provoke him, or he might shoot.  I’m not wearing makeup; oh my God I’m going to die wearing the least flattering pajamas I own. Why is he coming for me? I only have $20 in quarter rolls and two dozen nail polishes…is this really happening? Even if I don’t die, my life will never be the same…"

And in walks Sean freaking Tallman, my fiancé, all calm with his overnight bag and looking hot while I’m hyperventilating, kneeling on my bed and plastered up against the wall, and shining my phone light in his face like a gun.

As it turns out, he was in cahoots with my grandmother, of all people, and they both planned the break-in. 



Um, that’s the deadly intruder?  Puh-lease.

{Sidenote: the above picture is from probably 5 years ago.  His hair is so much grayer now! Probably because of me.}

I don’t think Sean will ever let me live down my reaction to his surprise.  Please never ask him to reenact the way I almost peed my pants.

Once I got over the shock, I was so happy to see him.  Maintaining a semi-long distance relationship requires scrupulous calendar coordination when planning dates and on some weeks we only see each other for a single evening.  Spontaneous we are not.


Day 2 of the birthday week was considerably less of a heart attack risk.  I went for an early morning run while Sean slept in, then we went out for coffee and he took me to work.  I’m not sure if knowing he’s in town makes work easier or harder! Sean surprised me mid-shift, but this visit was much more Santa Clause than Jack the Ripper.

He walked in to Smoothie King with a big iced coffee and a ton of bags and I asked, "For meee?"

His reply: "Do you think I’m going to wear Victoria Secret sports bras and Steve Madden shoes?"

Fair point.  Just some of the swag:



What in the world did I do to deserve this guy?  It’s not so much the fact that he spent more than 2 of my paychecks a lot of money on me, but that he was so careful in choosing the gifts.  He knows I have a weakness for Steve Madden and that I’ve been longing for some Toms.  He knows that I’ve been out of perfume for a while and that my favorite color is aqua (hence the waistband on the Yoga pants and capris). See?  He chose every thing for a reason.


On my actual birthday, I only had two things planned: lunch/coffee with my friend Rae, and a very long run. 

Rae and I went to Kaldi’s, which has splendid coffee and fresh, local entrees.  Rae ordered a turkey and spinach salad and I got the veggie burger on gluten-free* bread with a banana for my side. Kaldi’s uses a local company called Match for their veggie burgers and they are the BEST EVER.


*I don’t have Celiacs disease, nor do I follow a 100% gluten-free diet, but I have a very sensitive stomach and wanted to play it safe since I had such a long run ahead of me.

I also gave Rae a present for her little guy, who’s due next month!


The onesie says: "So my story begins…" I thought it was so cute, and since Rae and I both have English degrees, I was happy to find one with a typewriter on it!

As is our custom, Rae and I talked nonstop the whole time.  We covered every thing in the realms of weddings, babies, jobs, Doctor Who, exercise…before we knew it, four hours had passed!  But it was totally worth it, and I had a blast. At the same time, I also knew that it was past 4 pm and my daylight running hours were drawing to a close. I was also bummed when I realize I’d forgotten to charge my phone and wouldn’t have enough battery to last throughout my run. Still, I was determined to run 23 miles for my 23rd birthday!

And so ended the relaxing, social part of my birthday…



One thought on “23rd Birthday, Part Two

  1. Loving the Birthday Story!

    Hey, did you know they are putting on LU’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at St. Louis Shakespeare in STL? The tickets are $5 or $10 for students… may $20 for regular admission. If you are interested (the show begins at the end of the month), I can get you the info!

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