Here we go again.

Yesterday I watched my car get towed away in the parking lot at work. I had a flat tire, and on top of that, the ignition malfunctioned and I couldn’t get the key to turn. This resulted in being stuck at work for an extra three hours. So fun.

Don’t worry, this is typical.  Since Sean and I totalled my old car last October, this "new" one has had a total of three flat tires, some complicated problem that caused it to break down while I was driving four times, it’s been hit twice, and the emergency break light is always on. 

When the tow guy asked me to describe my car, I thought about pointing out my 13.1 window sticker, but instead I gave him the more obvious characteristic: "Mine’s the one with the back bumper pretty much missing." 

Since I have to work today, my grandma took me to Starbucks so I can get some stuff done here and then just walk to work. It felt like being a kid again, getting dropped off instead of driving!  So weird.

Until work, the plan is to get highly caffeinated and enjoy the new Toms Sean got me for my birthday.


And here are the nails for the day.  It’s actually a smoky grey underneath, but it looks black in the picture.


Hopefully I get my car back later today!  Please? Tomorrow I’ve got some birthday plans, including a coffee and lunch my friend Rae and a looooong trail run.  Either 14 miles for the 14th, or 23 miles for my 23rd birthday. Here’s the plan:

Birthday Trail Run

I’ve never run 23 miles before (20’s the record so far), but if I can do it, I think it’ll really boost my confidence for the marathon.

Now I’ve just got to decide exactly where to run!  I’m choosing a trail for tomorrow, for sure.  What’s kind of weird is that I’ve been waiting forever for the weather to cool enough to run outside, and now that it has, I’m stumped for running routes.  The area around my grandma’s house gives me between 4-8 miles depending on the route, but it’s super hilly:


Hill training is good, but I don’t want that all the time!  Also, there aren’t any street lamps, so running really early or late is kind of scary, and I get tired of subdivisions really quickly.

I feel like runners generally fall into one of two categories:

1. Runners who like the repetitiveness of running and prefer to run the same route each day.

2. Runners who try to distract themselves from the repetitiveness of running and would rather run a different route every day.

I am #2 all the way.  It doesn’t take me very long to get bored with a route.  I don’t know how I managed to log so many miles on the treadmill this summer without going crazy. And now that my long runs are pushing into the 20 mile range, it’s getting really hard to find routes that are long enough.  I know loops are an option: I could find a 5 mile loop and just keep running it, but that sounds like torture. Exploring and looking at new things is way more fun.

Well, I’m due for a refill and some email-answering. I’ll be back later with a more food-related post, and the wedding stuff is being worked on, too!

Anyone know of some good places to run?


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