Alternate Motivation


Raise your hand if you like running long distances.  Say, upwards of 10 miles.

Oh, no one?  Really? (That’s okay, I kind of really hate it sometimes,too). Let’s try again.  Raise your hand if you like chocolate syrup.

Everyone? I see how it is.  Well, now you can run long distances and eat your chocolate, too. 


Why, oh WHY am I just now discovering this mocha flavor?  I’m no stranger to GU (thank you for saving my life during that half marathon), but I usually just have pineapple or vanilla bean or whatever.  And they’re okay. Sean thinks they’re the nastiest things ever, and I can see where he’s coming from.  I mean, pineapple should never have the consistency and texture of hair gel. But they do work wonders when your legs feel like play-doh after and hour of running and you still have to keep going.

Yesterday I had a 14 mile run scheduled and I was SO excited that it wasn’t a million degrees outside. I have to admit that I’m not hating my daily (or twice daily) appointments with the treadmill, but nothing beats getting to run outside and, you know, actually go somewhere.

And getting to wear a hot pink running skirt. (Because for some reason I feel weird wearing it to the gym)


Don’t look at the weird face I’m making.  Running outside = no makeup.

So the run was mostly pretty good.  It was extremely hilly, which is challenging, but a necessary part of training, especially since I’ve been confined to the flat treadmill for so long.  I sometimes change the incline, but I inherited my mother’s lack of coordination and will probably fly off the back of the machine if I mess with the controls too much.

At mile 8 I was feeling a bit tired and knew there were some big hills coming up, so I pulled out .  I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic, but I was gloriously wrong.  Seriously, it’s Hershey’s syrup with a little coffee thrown in.  It made my day.  From now on, it will be my motivation to get through long runs.  As if the threat of having to run 26.2 miles in two months isn’t motivation enough.

Yesterday, evening, Sean called.

Sean: “Hi!  How was your run?”

Me: “Sean, those nasty GU energy gels?  There’s a mocha one, and it was just the best thing ever.”

Sean: “So, does that mean the run was bad and you don’t want to talk about it? Are you changing the subject?”

Me: “No, the run was good.  It’s just that this stuff blows my mind.”

Next Friday is payday, so that means I’m getting new running shoes and 65 million mocha gels.

Also, I completely lied to you all.  You know how I was all like “I’m not taking group fitness classes any more – I’m too busy marathon-training”? Yeah, the very next day I found myself in a Zumba class (this rocked) and today I took Yoga (also rocked).  I really needed them both, and will continue to take them.  Neither will harm my training, and Yoga will definitely help it.  Besides, I just love dancing so much, and the Zumba classes at Gold’s are just the best.  Especially when I’m invited up onstage! Today’s Yoga class was perfect: I feel so much looser, more centered, and just plain old good.  Thanks, Joe and Tracy!  Teresa, BodyPump is next!

After Yoga, I had intended to go to Starbucks for a while to get stuff done.  I’ve been working much longer hours at Smoothie King, which means that all of the e-mails and fundraising work gets pushed to my off-day.


But then I decided to get the coffee to go, stop off at work to pick up my phone charger (I leave EVERYTHING at work) and just go home. You don’t have to wear real pants at home, and this is a plus.


Yay!  For getting almost everything crossed off my list, plus rearranging/majorly cleaning my room, and doing all my laundry!  And also drinking necessary beverages:


The normal black iced coffee, an earl grey tea because it was rainy earlier, and a smoothie, ‘cause a girl needs her protein.

Now it’s time to finish up the to-do list before heading back to the gym tonight!

…today was supposed to be a rest day….what happened?



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