We found seaweed on the seashore.

First of all, it’s raining outside!  What the heck?  I think we brought it in from Florida, where it rained for about half an hour every day. What happened to the drought? Gahhh, my hair is going to be a disaster.

Also, look what I discovered today:


I try not to let myself walk down the peanut butter aisle too often because I tend to lose my self control, but I had to try this Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread.  Besides, I’ve been trying to include some coconut oil in my life as it’s both tasty and ridiculously good for you.  I opened this bad boy up as soon as I got in the car, much to the chagrin of the mountain man in the truck beside me.  My only complaint is that it’s supposed to be “no need to stir” and yet the top was full of oil.  And I promptly spilled the oil on my skirt.  Thank goodness I have a magic clean eraser in my car at all times. It tastes AMAZING, but only if you like coconut.


Somehow, even though I had intended on telling you about vacation in sequential order, I went off on a complete tangent yesterday and talked about Lambert’s Cafe, instead.  Whoops.

Now, I’ll start from the beginning. So we drove for a day, stopped in Nashville, stayed at a hotel in Alabama, drove again, blah blah blah…


and finally reached the beach.


That view was literally right outside the back door. I mean, come on! Why do I live in Missouri? This was incredible!

Unfortunately, we arrived to find a double red flag flying high, indicating that the beach was closed due to dangerous conditions.  The water was a little rough, creating rip currents, and there was some crazy red tide going on.  There was seaweed everywhere!

All that stuff there at the bottom of the picture?  Seaweed.  It plagued us throughout the whole vacation and only seemed to clear up on our last morning.  Figures.

Of course, the double red flag meant nothing to Sean. He is so ridiculously gutsy that I’m half impressed and half terrified.

Me: “Sean, get out of there!  You’re going to die!” Five minutes later, I was in, too.

The tide had washed in a ton of shells, so we went shell crazy.  You would have thought we were looking for hundred dollar bills.

This was my first real ocean experience, and I was completely mesmerized. As an English major, I know how much the ocean has always been a great source of inspiration to writers.  Now I know why!  Its power is somehow both tranquil and overwhelming and I have never felt so alive and so in touch with the earth than when I dug my toes in the sand and let the waves crash against me. I loved to sit and stare at the horizon, imagining how far the ocean stretched out before me.

 The evening ended perfectly with a walk on the beach with Sean.  Do you know how many times I’ve dreamed about doing that? Little did I know that, in just a few short days, Sean and I were going to have an even more special and monumental walk on the shore.




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