Put on yer travellin’ boots.

Helloooo from Alabama! 

I’ve been in the car for for-ev-er and we haven’t yet reached our final destination. Sean, his family, and I are on our way to Panama City Beach! I feel as if I’m 80 years old after sitting in the car all day, but that’s okay because long car rides can be awesome.  Seldom do I ever just sit for extended periods of time – I’m more of the go go go type.  But as soon as a road trip comes along, I’m psyched.

I made an “entertainment bag” full of magazines, my kindle, sudoku, notebooks (to work on my novel), 80 pens, and lots of snacks.  Thankfully, I just got a Naturebox shipment the other day, so I was all stocked up:


I got 6 bags in total, including sundried tomato almonds, dried fruit, and lemon-infused pistachios.  Yum!

Before we all packed into the car, I got up bright and early for a quick run.  I don’t really know how it happened, considering I faceplanted the bed after seeing the midnight showing of Batman just three hours before my alarm sounded.  But the thought of sitting motionless in the car for most of the upcoming day was enough motivation to get me going.

I ran 4 miles around Gillespie and felt pretty great considering I ran 20 miles two days ago.  My calves were a bit tight, but my average speed was 7:47 min/mile!  I think I have the treadmill to thank for my improved speed. It helps with constancy and control.

I had a banana and some cashew butter (and a sweat rinse-off) and then we were off!  I dug straight into the Golden Compass and the time flew by. I honestly don’t remember what I ate, since we didn’t do an actual lunch. I pretty much just snacked on some nuts, a raw protein bar, and some coconut water.

This afternoon, we decided to stretch our legs and check out Nashville, TN.


Warning: I know hardly anything about country music or Nashville.  I was just a happy camper along for the ride.

Since the place Sean’s parents wanted to check out (Wild Horse Saloon?) was closed due to a private event, we walked around and checked out different shops and bars. For 3:30 pm on a Friday, there sure were a lot of little concerts  going on.


Just to say we did, we found a free concert at a bar and each ordered a beer.  That’s about as country as I get. I didn’t know any of the songs being sung, but the beer was delicious and put me into full vacation mode.

We also checked out BOOTS.


They were everywhere!


I know you might think I’m weird, but I just don’t understand the allure of cowboy boots. T-strap heels and brogues, yes.  Steve Madden pumps, yes.  I don’t hate cowboy boots, but they just don’t fit my personality.

After the culture shock, we piled back into the car and headed off to find dinner in Alabama.  I would have taken a picture, but my meal consisted of a simple house salad and half a baked potato at a BBQ joint.  There was absolutely nothing of vegan value there, and if I thought about it enough the number of dead animals in the place made me feel a little sick, but I really didn’t mind.  Sean and his family loved it, and they are always 100% amazing to me, so why shouldn’t they get to enjoy their meaty meal? 

Now we’re all here in a Comfort Inn in Alabama.  We all crashed last night.  This morning, Sean’s mom asked me if the pull-out couch was uncomfortable.  I told her I had no idea, because I fell asleep as soon as I got in bed.

Sean and I got up early this morning (Okay, I got up, and then Sean was dragged out of bed by the collective efforts of the whole family) and went for a run outside.  There is a fitness room in the hotel, but there were other people in there and a shortage of equipment. I ran a 25 minute 5k, which felt nice and easy. I already love running, but running during vacation makes me want to bust out Zumba moves in the middle of the run. Woo!

We had hoped to find a decent breakfast in the hotel, but it was crazy crowded and there wasn’t a lot to choose from.


I managed just fine with a breakfast bar, a banana, and a couple of strawbs.  And coffee, duh.

And, of course, we’ll arrive at the beach this afternoon.  I’m so excited!!


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