Freedom 4-Miler Race Recap

{Sorry this post is coming out later than expected: I’m working on a race recap page and had some formatting issues.  As in, the background and the text turned black.  Good luck reading that.}

I’m a big fan of running on holidays.  I don’t know why, exactly.  Maybe it’s a little rebellious spirit showing through, since holidays are usually all about doing as little as possible and eating as much as possible.  Last Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day all began with a run for me.  I figured I should keep up the tradition by running the Freedom 4-Miler.


You have permission to ignore the weird tan lines.

I’m so glad I signed up for this race.  So much of my attention lately has been devoted to the upcoming Munich Marathon – my dreams are filled with distance and speed training – I’m excited, but I also know it’s not something to be taken lightly.

This little race was perfect for diffusing marathon tension. I figured it would be light and fun. A worry-free race.


But dang, that heat.  I knew it would be bad considering how many fireworks shows were cancelled, but I thought it would be cooler when the race started at 7 a.m. Nope. 

It was such a short race – half of my normal mid-distance run (I average 3 miles on busy days and 12-13 for long runs) – and yet it ended up being more difficult than the Go!St. Louis Half Marathon! I finished in just over 34 minutes, placing me at 20 out of 91 women in the 20-29 age group, and 155 out of 559 overall.  Not terrible, but not my best.  Last week I did a 4 miles test run on a very hilly course and finished in 28:30. Ah, well, as long as you cross the finish line, you win, right?  And the not-so-good runs make the perfect ones that much better !


Don’t ask me why I have such unusual sweat spots.

I think I can safely attribute the difficult of the race to these factors:

1. Crazy heat

2. Dehydration: Sean warned me to stay hydrated, but I completely forgot to drink anything at all before the race.  Peanut Butter waffle had all my attention.

3. My equilibrium was off and I has stabbing pains in my ear.  First, let it be know that I never use Q-tips.  I was always told never to stick anything smaller than your elbow in there.  So why I decided to use one – and really jam it into one of my ears – is beyond me. 

Anyway, excuses schmexcuses. It was still a fun race, and a fun day. I checked out the post-race entertainment and refreshments, which included my choice of a popsicle or light beer.  Um, beer.


I got my picture taken by a stranger.


And enjoyed the beautiful buildings. I love being downtown.



After a rude encounter with a parking tyrant who wouldn’t let me run across the street to Starbucks in order to get $2 to park in the lot, I left downtown and consoled myself with the biggest ever black iced coffee and a Whole Foods salad.  I also grabbed 4th of July dinner to take home:


Alright, no hotdogs, brats, or potato salad, but this dinner rocked.  There was tofu, tabbouli, kale, random veggies, and cheezy kale. I love kale.

Then I headed to my parents house, thinking everyone would be enjoying the pool.  Turns out, they all went to see Spiderman.  Oh well, more rafts for me.

I tend to want to get all festive with my holidays, hence the nails:



But my family just doesn’t get into it.  Their way of celebrating holidays is to ignore them. Whatev.  We all know Halloween is pretty much the best, but I like the 4th of July because everyone is allowed to be sweaty and loud and obnoxious to show our love for the country…or something. It’s at least a good excuse to eat a popsicle:


Very fitting joke, huh?  I won’t lie, I was the only person in the house when I ate this and I laughed so loudly at the joke. I’m a dork.


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