NF Endurance: Week 1

Good evening!

Last week, I set up a little donation spot at Smoothie King for my marathon fundraising project.



I was a little worried that my enthusiasm for the charity wouldn’t rub off onto our customers, but I was so wrong. I am so pleased to say that, as of today, I have $200 and counting! All from Smoothie King customers.  It’s amazing how far a little bit of generosity can go. I think some people think it’s a tip jar.  Oh well.


When I was first considering running charities, I had a lot to choose from. I’m so glad I chose NF Endurance.  They are so prompt when it comes to answering my questions, and they sent me a welcome kit full of encouragement and tips for reaching my goals.  And a T shirt!




So. $200 in one week. Tomorrow I’m going to be visiting some local businesses and working on making flyers.  It takes a lot of work, but I love it.  I’ve got a feeling that my work with NF Endurance will last long after the Munich Marathon.

Time for some dinner and a dog walk and then So You Think You Can Dance.  I’ve been waiting all day!


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