Pita Party

Happy Wednesday!  How is everyone’s week going?  Mine has been pretty awesome, partially in thanks to the fact that I just had a relaxing weekend in Illinois with Sean.  The time I spend up there with him and his family is always like a mini vacation – no responsibilities! Highlights on my mini-vacation were going for a leg-loosening run around the town, hitting the gym with Sean to set our abs on fire, watching the final episodes of House (I almost cried), and hanging out around the coffee pot at Vacation Bible School. I love getting to spend a whole weekend with Sean – since we maintain a long distance relationship, we only see each other about a day per week.  A lot of our conversations take place over the phone, and actually being able to be beside him makes me so incredibly excited for our future. 


Anyway, leaving is always hard, especially when we both have to go to work.  Luckily, I found a hidden gold mine in downtown St. Louis on my way home which made it much easier to get back to normal life.


I love the city.

Behold: Pita Pit!

It’s basically like Subway but a thousand times better.  The bread is replaced with warm, fresh, pita, and veggie-freaks like me have a ton of options.  They grill your vegetables for you and the ingredients don’t taste all processed. And they have hummus!



Mine had hummus (duh), mushrooms, green peppers, banana peppers, spinach, and tomatoes. So good, and reason #2348 why I want to live closer to the city. Or maybe Pita Pit needs to move closer to home?

I’m also enjoying my new short hair.  I got about 4 inches chopped last week, and life has been so much easier ever since. 


This is a scary post-workout picture, but hey – most of my day is spent being sweaty.

My alarm went off at 4:40 this morning, and I dragged myself to the gym in time for BodyStep at 5:30.  That class is so hard. I’ve decided it’s best not to think about how much it makes my legs burn and just get there quickly before I can decide not to go back to bed. Besides, I end up loving it once it’s over, and it’s great to get a hard workout in before the sun even rises.



What’s up with the wacky formatting? Whatever.

I came home and fixed a big bowl of oatmeal with Macro Greens, topped with a spoon of half Better’n Butter and half Almond Butter. I downed that water in about 5 seconds and then sipped away at 3 cups of coffee while reading Born to Run.  I love this book!  It really inspires me to run farther and farther each week and reminds me that my body is capable of doing way more than I expect.


After a bit more reading, job hunting, and nail painting, I threw together a pre-Smoothie King snack :


Half a mini pita stuffed with hummus, pinto beans, and crunchy soy beans.

And now, my friends, although I have much more to tell you, my laptop is about to die.  I have a charger, of course, but it’s in the car and I’m glued to So You Think You Can Dance.  As soon as it’s over, I’m going to hit the gym.  It’s shoulder night!


2 thoughts on “Pita Party

    • Thanks! I’ve been craving Pita Pit lately, but I don’t want to drive all the way out to the city for a sandwich.

      Born to Run was so inspiring! It really makes me realize how much the human body can really do. I don’t want to waste it!
      Thanks for visitng my blog!

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