In 5 days…

I’ll have completed my first half marathon! I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!  I’ve definitely hit the stage where I’m either so nervous that I’m excited or I’m so excited that I’m nervous .  Whatever the case, when people ask me how I’m feeling about the race, all they get from me are crazed giggles.

I’m also checking out the race site about 5 times a day, although I’m not really sure why.  Today I got my bib number and an email with all the details about the big day.  It all just looks so exciting! The post race party!  The mini massage!  Free energy gels! The medal!

Clearly, I get hyped up over the little things.  What makes me most excited, though, is the fact that Sean gets to be there.  He’s had to work during all of my past races and I’m so happy to have his support.

Right now, I think I’m actually more nervous about the morning before the race than the actual run itself.  There are going to be thousands of people in St. Louis for this event, which means all the participants have to be in their respective starting positions by 6:15 at the latest.  Those are going to be quite the nerve-wracking 45 minutes. Parking is also something that stresses me out.  I’m actually wishing I could stay in a hotel downtown just so I have one less thing to worry about before the race.

So instead of going crazy about things I can’t control, I’m focusing on the run.

This weekend I ran 11 miles – the farthest I’ve ever run.  And it went surprisingly well!  It wasn’t actually painful until it was over and I was walking back to my car.  I kept saying “Ohhhh my gosh, ow. Ow. Oh my gosh….” And I’m sure the people around me thought I was crazy.

Today, my legs are definitely sore, but mainly just when I go to sit down or stand up.  It’s a good thing I have a rolling chair!


I also have two dogs who won’t stay still for a picture.



Possibly the best part of the run was stumbling across this:


And when did my long run in Forest Park last week, I ran by the Zoo and got to see the Zebras!



Here’s a look at how my training has been going over the last 3 weeks:

Number of miles logged per week: 20-26

My current workout schedule:

Monday: Zumba, 5 mile easy run

Tuesday: Body Pump, Zumba

Wednesday: 4-5 mile tempo run

Thursday: Body Pump, Zumba

Friday: 3 mile speedwork, strength training

Saturday: Zumba, cross-training

Sunday: Long run (10+ miles)

(Actually, that schedule is what I used for the past few weeks.  This week, I’m toning everything down a bit to make sure my legs are fresh and ready to go on Sunday)

#1 Surprising Discovery: I love my long runs way more than the short ones.  The more distance I cover, the more accomplished I feel.  I’ve also noticed that my long runs go like this:

Mile 1: I feel good!  I’m running! Yay!

Mile 2: Wait, I have to run how far?? What if I get tired?  Or even worse, what if I get bored? What if my ankle beaks 8 miles from my car and I have to crawl back or hitchhike with a man who tries to kidnap me and take me to Mexico?

Miles 3-6: This is stupid. Why am I out here?  Dummy.

Mile 7: Stop. Stop. Stop.  Why are my legs still going?  I can’t believe I haven’t given up yet.

Miles 8-end: Woooo!  I LOVE running.  Peace.

See? Once I get over my wall, I’m great.

Stupidest thought while running: “The second half of this run feels so much better than the first.  I wish I could just fast-forward to the second part of the half marathon…but that would make the second half the first half all over again.  Dang it.”

Best apps for running:

Zombies, Run!: I’ve only used this for short runs, but it’s so much fun.  You basically become part of a Zombie story – your job is to outrun the zombies and save the humans!

MapMyRun: I’ve been using this service for years and it’s indispensible to me as a runner.  You can view graphs of your mileage progress, save running routes, view your runs (speed, distance, elevation – the works) online, and get weekly training summaries sent to your email.  I also have a setting which announces each mile marker, so I don’t have to worry about when I need to turn around and head back.

What I want to wear on race day (in my dream world):


Seriously. I want to race in the skirt so badly that I considered donating my plasma.

One one last, unrelated note….vote for me!

I’ve entered a talent search contest for Yoga Journal.  You can vote 5 times per day, and if I win, I can be featured in the magazine! Voting ends on the 17th!

Have a good Monday evening…I’m off to grudgingly spend some painfully boring exciting time with Shakespeare.



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