Don’t Play with the Hail

That was such a weird night. It began by completely crashing as soon as I got in bed to read.  Even though I was still pumped up from teaching two Zumba classes (, I was in a blur of mental and physical exhaustion.  I was out within minutes.  I vaguely remember Sean calling me around 11:30, but I was all confused because I thought it was morning…yeah,  that conversation lasted around 2 minutes and I just remember him saying, “Why don’t you get some sleep, and I’ll talk to you in the morning?” 

And then we had a huge hailstorm!  Bad weather never wakes me up at night (Same with Sean- we worry what will happen when we’re married and there’s a tornado warning in the middle of the night), but it was so loud last night! I kept thinking about my poor car.




Trevor want to save the hail because he thinks people will pay money to see it.  And now he’s walking around outside in his socks trying to collect all of it.  Mom is not going to be happy.

As I try to block out listen to the yells of “What do you think you’re doing out there?” I’m going to sit back and enjoy my oats:


Coco(a)nut Cherry Oats

1/2 c. oats (I used steel-cut today)

1/4 c. Almond milk

Sprinkling of dried cherries

Splash of coconut extract

1/2-1 T Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa*

Sliced almonds for garnish

{On the stovetop, cook the oats as usual.  Ad the milk, coconut extract and dried cherries as the water cooks down.  Near the end, stir in the cocoa.  Garnish with almonds. Put in headphones so you can’t hear your family}

* Using the dark cocoa powder makes a huge difference.  Not only is it higher in antioxidants than normal cocoa, but it’s richer and much much sweeter.  I can actually eat a spoonful of this stuff without going into bitter overload.

**This picture is slightly inaccurate because I forgot to add the cherries until the end.  Adding them during the cooking process is what makes them such a good addition to the oatmeal because they get all plump and juicy.

Time to start the day!  I’m meeting a friend for coffee, working at Weissman’s (trying on dance costumes is the best kind of work!), and then going to a hot Yoga class!


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