Random Observations


1. I peruse Pinterest largely for fitness inspiration, like this:


But somehow I end up looking at nail polish, which then leads me to spending half and hour doing this:


2. Pink chocolate chip pancakes on Valentine’s Day will make even the grouchiest little non-morning boy ecstatic:



And when Vday morning isn’t going as planned (woke up late, missed Body Pump Sad smile, didn’t finish homework), red lipstick helps.


3. I don’t like this:


(This coming from the girl who inhales more kale than air)

It came in this:


And I have no idea what it is.

4. This girl LOVES musicals, classical music, coffee shops, and art museums…but she’s also been to Monster Jam two years in a row.


I like when they crash.


5. Sometimes I get to wear an awesome fake ponytail during photo shoots and I love it.  Sassy.


Other reasons why Weissman’s rocks: amazing (supportive!) photo shoot team, professional makeup, getting paid to play dress up, and sequins.  Lots of sequins.

6. I tried two new Larabars and loved them both:


The Cappuccino flavor is my favorite, and if you buy me one, I’ll be your best friend.  I actually bought two, but gave one to a homeless guy at a stoplight today.  I hope he likes it! Smile

7. At Smoothie King, there are days when I peel about 120 pounds of bananas at a time. The tedious task has infinitely improved since getting a Kindle Fire.



Now that you’ve had a glimpse into the random parts of my life, I bid you all a wonderful night!


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