Live Fit Recap, Phase One

Haha, so I was completely delusional in my last post.

1. You know those days when you accidentally keep thinking it’s the next day?  Double that.  It was Friday, but I was convinced that it was Thursday and I just thought it was the next day.

2. I thought I was starting Phase Two of the Live Fit program that day, but it  didn’t start till yesterday!  I went to the gym after writing my last post, only to realize that it was supposed to be a rest day.  Ooops.

But now I’m officially into Phase Two.  For real.  `

Jamie Eason Live Fit: Phase One Recap

Overall, I really like the program’s structure.  I’ve used resistance machines before, but I just did a little here and there whenever I felt like it.  Now I have a plan of attack, and it feels so good to check off every rep on the list.  Last week, another gym member even asked if I was training for a figure competition because I looked so good and was training so intensely!  I also love how the muscle groups are broken up, so I can really give my full attention to whichever area I’m working on that day.

Have I seen any physical changes?  I think my biceps are bigger, but beyond that, I really don’t know.


Then again, the picture on the left is from last summer, and the one on the right is from yesterday.  On one hand, I’m not tan now, but I think I’m closer to my 6 pack goal!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, the hardest part has been decreasing my cardio.  I definitely didn’t cut it out for the first week and a half.  I tried so hard, but inevitably found myself on the step mill again.  Finally, I decided to ask one of the Gold’s trainers about my dilemma.

“What, are you afraid you’ll get fat?” he asked.

Well, kind of.  I mean, cardio has been such a big part of my regimen – surely taking it out would cause some sort of change. The advice he then gave me was everything I knew deep down, but I needed to hear it from someone else…

Excessive cardio eats muscle.  So if I weight train for 30 minutes and then climb the stairs for an hour, I won’t build any muscle.

He also asked me what my fitness goals are.  I gave some kind of wishy-washy response about getting stronger and fitter.  He pointed out that I’m already fit and strong.  He also rightly guessed that, as a dancer, I’ve always fought with my body image.  Yep.  Even though the logical side of me knows I’m healthy and fit, the competitive ballerina in me is always worriedly making sure I stay that way.  So he gave me an awesome goal:

I will not go to the gym with the intention of burning off everything I’ve eaten.  I will not focus on calories.  Instead, I will focus on how strong and empowered and alive exercise makes me feel.

And by the end of the year, I want to be able to do 100 pushups and 100 pull ups in a row.

Yikes.  Finally, he advised me against throwing myself into this Live Fit program.  It’s meant to be a transformation program, and I don’t need that.  But at the same time, Live Fit has taught me how to structure my gym time more efficiently.  So here’s what I’m going to do: keep doing the workouts and keep eating clean – without letting it dictate my life. 

I’ve also learned two other things from Jamie Eason:

1. Don’t be afraid to take a rest day!  I rested on Saturday, even though I usually spend a lot of time at the gym on Saturday mornings.  Instead, I made tie-dyed cinnamon rolls for my little brother:


The poor kid had never seen the wonders of food coloring.


You can’t tell, but he pretty much has a whole cinnamon roll stuffed into his mouth.  Blue and green icing officially tastes better than white.

2. Take my BCAAs!  Branched Chain Amino Acids do wonders for muscle recovery.  I don’t condone over supplementing or using supplements to undo bad eating habits, but I do want to treat my muscles well.  So I went to Smoothie King and stocked up on this:


Yum.  One scoop of this in a glass of water gives my body what it needs to make the most of my workouts, and it tastes really good, too!  Much more fun than taking BCAAs in pill form. 


What do you think of Jamie Eason’s program?  Would you try it?

Adios!  Have a good day, everyone!


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