Change of Plans


Here we are, just 16 days into 2010, and I’ve already learned an important lesson:

Don’t restore your iPhone without backing everything up.

That includes your music, your notes, you calendar appointments.  And yes, over 2,000 perfectly organized photos I’ve been planning to blog-ify. My phone is now stuck back in October 2011. If it’s trying to go all “retro-cool” on me, it’s not working.

I had been planning to do a fun little winter break recap with all of the pictures.  The evolution of nut-butter churning? Gone.  Christmas dinners? Gone. A million bowls of oatmeal?  Also gone. Same goes with my recipes for dark chocolate (Raw! Vegan!) cashew brownies, peanut butter protein pudding, cranberry oatmeal oatmeal bars…

Funnily enough, the one group of pictures that survived is of Brussels sprouts. Little green knobs, of all things. My phone is very concerned for your nutrition.

Simple Baked Brussels Sprouts

1. Wash very thoroughly.


2. Peel off the top layer or two, and wash again.  I’m all about cleanliness, here.



3. Cut off the stems, but don’t get too carried away. If you cut off too much, the leaves will fall apart.  Also, if you choose to steam or cook them whole, leaving a bit on the end will keep the flavors in.


4. Slice in half, and place on a foil-lined, sprayed pan. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and pop them in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.


I don’t know about you, but I think Brussels sprouts are too often associated with those frozen boxed ones that are slathered in “butter” and end up all mushy and smelly on your plate. No wonder so many people hate them!  But when they’re fresh and prepared properly? 

Well, then you can pop ‘em in your mouth like brownies. After all, that’s what my iPhone wants you to do.


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