Escape Run


My biggest wish today was to get to the gym.  After all, I’ve been saving up all of my magazines (and I have subscriptions to everything from Fitness to Lucky, to Writers Digest, to National Geographic) so I could read them once the semester ended.

magazines + the gym = bliss.

Throughout all of finals week, I studied hard while visions of sugarplums 2 hour gym sessions danced in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the efficiency of a quick but killer workout, but my favorite is when I can take an hour long class and then spend another hour or so doing circuit training or climbing the stairs with a mag.  It’s my me time.

Since my car is still on the DL, I was dependent on my mom to get me there.  The deal is that she’ll drop me off at Gold’s if she’s headed in that direction.  If not, I won’t make her go out of her way.

This morning, I remained hopefully silent.  My workout clothes cried to me from their prison in the closet, but I tried to be patient as I waited for her to announce that she could take me to the gym.  When 4 pm hit and she was still in her pajamas, I knew it was a lost cause.

But I needed to get out and I needed to move.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and finally stop being a wuss about cold-weather running.  The warm gym sounded much nicer in comparison, but I knew I’d feel great after a brisk run.

Son on went the layers.  I wore my long running tights, which I’ve donned for a couple chilly races in the past:


But although they’re warmer than my capris, they’re also annoying because they always feel like they’re falling down.  Pants around the ankles is not a good running style and it’s not kind to the neighbors. I also wore a long sleeved shirt (my no-fail standard for Fall runs), my Go!St. Louis race shirt, hat and gloves.  At the last minute I also grabbed a jacket, which I regretted after the first mile.  Although my hands and face were cold, my body was way too hot.

But that’s okay, I ended up cranking out an easy 5 miles.  I really wanted to do more, but the sun was almost down by 5 pm (yuck!) and I was wearing all black.  Safety first!

Instead of the Pandora Zumba station or my regular running playlist, I decided to run to AccuHolidays Christmas Party.  Not all of the tracks were good for running (like the slowest ever version of Santa Baby), but it’s the only time of the year when you can hear Barry Manilow back-to-back with Adam Sandler. That’s a plus.

And then this played:

Um, watch out everyone…Santa will rock your body and crash your Christmas party.

I couldn’t help but laugh when it came on, and it encouraged me to pick up the pace on a tough hill way more than Judy Garland did.  Whatever works, right?


The run felt amazing, especially after being cooped up all day. And I got too look at everyone’s Christmas lights, too!  Heh, the picture’s blurry because I was running fast. Winking smile  Why was I so afraid to get out in the cold?  I’m definitely going again tomorrow…but I still want to go to the gym.

And there’s another benefit to running in the winter:


Hot chocolate!

I grew up loving this stuff:


Which is delicioso but also sugarlicious and costs 160 calories and 4.5 grams of saturated fat.So, of course, I made my own!


Raspberry Hot Chocolate

– 1 packet of Swiss Miss 25 calorie hot cocoa mix (or 2 T cocoa or carob powder – I love the carob!)

– hot water

– Chocolate Raspberry Stevia and cinnamon, to taste

That’s all folks!  It tastes just like the stuff I grew up drinking, only at 25 calories!  The only danger is that I’m tempted to run out and can’t get more because I have no way to get to the store…unless I run there.

Will run for hot chocolate!



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