The Home Stretch

Guess what? 



It’s snowing!  Thankfully, it’s not bad enough to cause miserable driving conditions. But it’s definitely enough to warrant my new favorite tea:


Eggnogg’n! When I bought it last week I knew it would either be really weird or really good.  It must be insanely delicious considering I’m drinking at least two cups a day.  That’s probably a good thing, as it will help wean me off the 3-4 large black coffees each day at school throughout the last few months.  My caffeine junkie side is going to have a nasty shock when my semester ends on Thursday!

The tea is fine plain, but sometimes I like to add a little stevia and a wee splash of almond milk.  Who needs the traditional heavy, dairy-full egg nog? I even brought some with me to the library the other day for a massive 12 hour study session:


Eggnogg’n tea, coffee, water, and orange Steaz (purchased because it was on sale!), plus a pack of cinnamon gum and a mini candy cane.  All of these were essential in keeping up my study stamina, naturally. Heh.


I love the Lindenwood Library study carrels – just a private little room with a desk, a chair, and a window!  After all, it’s important to have a room of one’s own! I shut myself up in a carrel from 2 pm to 11 pm on Sunday and emerged as a literature-test-crushing zombie.  Mission accomplished.

Food fuel included a Kind bar, a HUGE kale salad with sweet potato, peppers, and NOOCH-smothered Shirataki noodles.  And one of these:


For being so little, it kept my sweet tooth at bay all evening!

I’m soo close to being finished for the semester! 2 finals down, 3 to go! I’m most excited about two things: 1. Having more time to both work and take gym classes, and 2. GETTING TO READ! Well, I read all the time, but I’ve got so many novels stacked up and waiting for me!

Thankfully, today’s pointe final gave me a nice break from reading and writing. We each performed a solo variation from The Sleeping Beauty.


As much as I’m ready to enjoy Christmas break, I’m not ready for this class to end!



Red heart Pointe class, Red heart Miss Jan, Red heart Ballet!

And now I’m home, enjoying tea, the snow, and lunch:


Acorn squash (lined with hummus!) with a skillet-cooked medley of mushrooms, garlic, 1/2 sweet potato, and tomatillo.  The Tomatillo added nice kick to the otherwise autumnal flavors.

The LEGO man wants my lunch.


I threw the rest of the mix onto a kale salad, as if I’d do anything else.

I’m off to Zumba soon, so I’m going to try to muster up the motivation to do more studying before class.

Let it snow, let it snow!


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