Hi!  I hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I celebrated at my Grandma’s brand new house.  We are all very thankful for her incredibly cute new place.  My Gramma has worked so hard throughout her life – my grandpa has been severely disabled from a car accident for the past 24 years, and she does everything – so she deserves to finally have a new house. She is such an amazing woman.


Evidence of a new house: bare cabinets!

But before the great food feast, I decided to hit up the gym.  I barely got to my car, however, when I completely fell in love with the beautiful weather. Without even thinking, I popped in my headphones and started running, instead!


I am so thankful for being able to run! I was just going to make it a 4 miler, but then I thought I’d do 5.  Then I thought, “You know you’re perfectly capable of running 6 miles, so why not do 6?” When I got to 6 miles, the happy little runner in me prodded me again. “Why just settle with what you always do?  Try for 7!”  So I did!  I think I’m going to use that mentality more often.  Next time I’ll go for 8. Flirt male


You can’t tell in this post-run pic, but there were wind-tears streaming down my face the whole time, even though I wore sunglasses.

After my run, I put in some serious kitchen time. My Thanksgiving contributions: Roasted veggies (b-nut squash, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, carrots, onions), kale and spinach salad (yay for just opening a bag!), vegan chocolate pie, and non-vegan apple pie.


Look at those gorgeous apples!  We ended up having a store-bought apple pie, but every one agreed that you could taste the freshness of the apples in mine.  Hint: use a variety of apples (some sweet, some tart), and stick to the crispier varieties.  I had 2 granny smith, 1 honeycrisp, and 2 Fuji apples.

Sadly, this is the only photographic evidence of my cooking.  My brothers ran off with my phone.  So thankful for them.  Ahem, sarcasm.

After all that baking, I decided I needed coffee before heading to my Gramma’s.  Luckily, I had a coupon for a free coffee! (And of course I had to browse all of their holiday stuff…cough cough, Christmas gifts, cough)


On to Food and Family Time!



My Gramma’s stuffing (or do you call it dressing?)  is incredible, but I never tried it until last year.  I’ll throw just about every veggie onto a salad, but I tend not to like it when foods are mashed together and cooked, hence why I’ve always despised meatloaf.  It took a lot of courage to try the stuffing last year, and now I now what I was missing! Also, can you spot my S*bucks?


Most of the family ate turkey, but I stuck to a parade of veggies:



Above: my Thanksgiving meal, times 2. And I had just about the best baked sweet potato ever.  Looking at the pictures, I remember a time when I would have thought this dinner was disgusting.  My brother even told me it was wrong not to eat turkey and gravy.  But it’s all about perspective.  Rather than eating an animal, I was truly thankful to have all of those nutritious and colorful vegetables on my plate. My meal was compassionate towards myself, animals, and the planet.  I chose not to speak any negative words about the turkey and just be happy with my family time.


I asked Trevor to smile just before taking a bite of broccoli, and this is what I got.


After dinner, most people retreated to the couches before the most important part of the meal: dessert!


Amazing chocolate pie, a la Chocolate-Covered Katie!


For the crust, I combined 1 sleeve of crumbled graham crackers (you can also use any type of crispy cookie, like snickerdoodles, or ginger snaps) with 2 T non dairy yogurt.  Press the mixture into a pie pan, and pre-bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Everyone loved it!

And so my family learned the deliciousness of vegan baking.  My pies were devoured!


As for today, I’m rockin’ the leftovers for lunch and dinner.


Most of all, I’m still thinking about being thankful.

I’m thankful for:

My favorite boyfriend ever! (And I’m thankful for pizza, too)IMG_1497

Great friends:


Sup, Blake!


I get to perform onstage:


And spend time with fabulous dancers:

I’m healthy:


I get to eat pie!IMG_1063

And, of course, I got to spend time with my family!  Of the utmost importance are these furry faces:


The mighty Zeus.


And Liza!  Yes, I named my dog after Liza Minnelli.



Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!  I am so thankful for every one of you who are kind enough to read this little blog. And as your stomachs ache from too much pie, or your wallets ache from too much Black Friday fun, eat some veggies for me!


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