While I Was Out

Ah, at last!  For a while there, I never thought I’d get out of the homework trenches.  Then again, this happens near the end of every semester, so why am I surprised to have only gotten 3 hours of sleep (collectively) between Friday and Monday?

I’m sure other college students were partying.  I guess I was just having the sort of party where my only guests are King Arthur (ahem, paper topic), 25 million research books, blank computer paper (I cannot do any extensive writing on lined paper.  It’s curbs my productivity, people), and a huge range of pens (because my pen-mood shifts uncontrollably).  No alcohol, either: at my party I just got coffee-wasted and chewed 6 packs of gum.  All different flavors.

As you can imagine, I become a very peculiar and particular creature when I’m in essay mode. 

So. My apologies to all of you lovely readers out there.  You may be small in number, but I love when you read my blog!  The past few weeks have been jammed with homework, obviously, but now that I’m on Thanksgiving break (!!!) I get to come up for air before hunkering down over the approaching finals week.

You know what the worst part about not blogging has been?  Probably the fact that I have so many blog posts waiting to be written and 114 pictures begging to be posted.  Yikes.

Like these fun Halloween nails.  I mean, half of this stuff isn’t even relevant anymore!



This sums up my recent life:


At Barnes & Noble.  I’m a diehard Borders fan but that’s sadly not an option anymore. Crying face

I also spent paper-writing time at Panera, where I ordered my usual:


You Pick Two: Thai Chopped Chicken Salad, sans chicken, wonton strips, and dressing (I do add tabasco, though), and 1/2 garden vegetable with pesto soup.  And 580 cups of un-pictured coffee. You also can’t see how I used an entire large table to unfurl my writing materials.


You know how “they” always say one of the keys to healthy eating is not to read/watch TV/use the computer while eating? Not an option.  Eating time = homework time. That would be 1/2 serving of my normal oatmeal, topped with puffed amaranth, melted Better ‘n’ Butter, and chocolate protein powder.

Picnik collage

Many homework/breakfast sessions were conducted before the sun rose, as evidenced by the dark photos.


Whoops.  Sometimes you need a homework break.  And sometimes you have to pretend shop at Anthropologie.  Also J Crew, Gilt, Lululemon, and Sephora.  Just sayin’.

Throughout the weeks, I definitely didn’t skimp on the greens:


My usual school meal. I eat this almost every day, but I’m not complaining – I love fresh produce.  It’s all about how many veggies you can fit into the to-go box! Sometimes the cashier is nice enough to let me fill both sides of the box with spinach!


Sometimes I even bring my own little container of NOOCH.  And mustard is crucial for carrot-dipping.


That was salad from Tuesday.  I think I actually ate an entire cucumber!


King Arthur looms in the background. I tell ya, every semester one particular essay will completely consume me.  It becomes my life; my family in friends are forced to tune me out when I get over-excited and start talking about my paper.  For example, last year I wrote 20 pages on the Satanic symbolism of whales (yes, the animal) in Medieval literature.  I started seeing whales everywhere and will never think of them the same way ever again. This obsessive nature is the same reason why I have 7 copies of The Picture of Dorian Gray, and yes I’m still collecting. And now I’m obsessed with King Arthur.

Back to the food: I’ve also been eating bars on my busiest of days.


A lot of people I know love Clif bars, but I like the kid ones even better. They somehow seem just as filling, but they’re only 130 calories, which is a great snack or dessert size. The Full Moon Browning flavor was delish…I might have to buy a case before they go out of season!


Fruition bars are definitely in my top 3 favorite snack bars. They are all natural, raw, and vegan, without all of the fat and sugar that so many “nutrition” bars have. The more real foods that are in a bar, the better.


But this might be my new favorite.  So so so good!  It lasted me through over an hour of faking my way through working on this physics experiment:


Don’t ask me what’s going on there.  I have no idea.  Thankfully, my English degree has made it really easy for me to use big words and pretend to know what I’m talking about when I write the lab reports.

At the end of all the madness, I taught a fantastic Zumba class and treated myself to an evening with the boyfriend and one of these:


Oh yes. Appletini to the face.

So that’s my homework life in a super long blog post nutshell.  See you later for a Thanksgiving post!


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