Gumbo Flats Pumpkin 10k Recap


On Saturday, I ran my 2nd 10k race: The Gumbo Flats Pumpkin Run.


I was a little anxious about this run due to two things:

1. At the 8 a.m. starting time, the temperature would be chillin’ around 34 degrees and there would likely be frost on the ground.  I am a huge wimp in the cold and I did not train in such conditions.  Ooops

2. Shortly after the race, I had to teach Zumba and then also go straight to work.  Where was I going to find the energy?  

Ultimately, though, both of these unfortunate situations were out of my control, so I tried to focus on just the race and nothing else. One mile at a time.

I was, of course, running late, so I was only able to snap a blurry pic before hurrying toward the race site.



Despite qualms, I actually felt pretty good about the Pumpkin Run.  I focused on my mistakes I made in my first race, like speeding up too early and not taking advantage of the water stations. I knew that I was approaching this race with more strength/endurance and more experience with the 10k distance. Yay for confidence!

This race had an out-and-back path, so you turn around halfway through and go back toward the starting point.  I liked this a lot more than the circuit path of the Go! St. Louis run because it really helped my pacing. After the midway point, I was able to tell myself, “You just ran this path once; you can do it again!”

And I did.  And it felt amazing!  Not once did I lose my stamina, and my pacing was so smooth that I really got to sprint the last .2 mile. Talk about a runner’s high! I felt so strong as I crossed the finish line.  Maybe it’s time to try a 1/2 marathon? Confused smile

The sponsors for this race provided A LOT of food.  BIG, fresh cookies, cakes, pastries, pizza, pita and hummus, bagels, fruit…heck, one station was even handing out turkey stuffing. It beats me why such a healthy event would give participants such foods…but they also had coffee, so I didn’t complain.

The really REALLY cool part?? I won 2nd place in my age group!  I neeeeevvveeer thought I had done that well – all I wanted to do was beat my personal record!  But when I was looking at the results sheet, there was a ‘2’ by my name. What??  I confirmed it’s meaning with a volunteer.


And then I heard the announcer call out my name (incorrectly, of course) along with the other winners!  I can still hardly believe it.  For being the girl who used to take over 10 minutes to run the mile in high school, I am so happy and astonished by how the race went. Can I please just relive it over and over again?

Oh, and the whole freezing cold thing?  I threw on gloves, a hat, and my new cozy running top and was fine. I worry too much.


And Zumba ended up being fantastic, too!  I think my energy was really buoyed by my success in the race.  Any fatigue and aching slipped away during class and I actually felt more energetic than usual!

From there, the day only got better.  I didn’t end up having to go to work, so I focused the rest of the evening on homework and being kind to my body.



Clif Z Bars?  Always delicious.  Halloween themed Clif Z Bars?  Even better.



After a few hours of homework, I brewed a cup of tea and actually sat down with my parents for some TV time.  I don’t think this has happened in many, many months. I feel so lazy watching TV!  But it felt great.  We watched the new show Grimm, which was interesting. Maybe I’ll keep watching it.

Predictably, 1 hour of television was plenty for me.  I peeled myself of the couch.

I went shopping for a new food processor (I killed my old one with an overload of vegan cookie dough!):



Then I was gripped by a huge caffeine craving, so I swung by Sbucks for a double shot of espresso.  The worker thought I was crazy.

IMG_1475 IMG_1476

And for the grand finale, I made a stop at Walmart for 2 big bags of ice.

Into the tub of cold water they went, and I followed suit.


That is a very fake smile, by the way.




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