Just Can’t Get Enough

Before a gym class the other day, some of my classmates and I were discussing post-workout rituals. Some responses were pretty normal:

“I drink a bottle of water and a protein shake.”

“I shower at the gym and let my hair dry on the way home.”

“I go home and make a bee-line for the fridge!”

Some were a bit complicated:

“I foam roll for 10 minutes, meditate, then I wipe off with a damp cloth and double-reapply deodorant.”

And mine is just plain strange:

“I roast vegetables.”

Sweet potatoes, butternut squash,zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, mushrooms, and green peppers, to be exact.



And sometimes tofu and squash seeds (did you know you can roast them just like pumpkin seeds?)


Actually, I don’t do this after every workout – just after 5 a.m. Body Pump.  5 minutes of chopping, salting, and lightly drizzling with truffle oil leads to amazing lunches…when I add…


Kale!! And so the parade of salad ensues.


Kale massaged with guacamole and tops with green peppers…


With squash and mushrooms…


With squash seeds and seaweed(s) …


With rice, tomatoes, and avocado…


With carrots and hummus…

Picnik collage

In really big containers…


Give me kale, and I’m a happy girl.

Mom, that may or may not be a hint for the next time you’re grocery shopping.Winking smile


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