I’m Not Superwoman

Breakfast didn’t look pretty:IMG_1401

(doesn’t it look like a cheeseburger?) but The Fitnessista’s breakfast cookie tastes heavenly. How often do you get to eat a healthy cookie for breakfast?  And no, Cookie Crisp doesn’t count.


I altered Gina’s recipe a little bit: instead of adding 1/2 banana to the mixture before popping it in the fridge overnight, I mixed it with Better’n Butter the next day and spread it on top of the cookie.

And I had the same thing yesterday, but with vanilla instead of chocolate protein:


Again, not the prettiest picture, but I was very short on time – thank goodness the breakfast cookie took me less than a minute to prepare!

Fridays have lately become my least favorite day of the week.  No TGIF’s here!  The day is packed with school (I have Physics lab on Fridays, which I dread) after which I go straight to dance rehearsal and then straight to work.  Now I also have the added component of teaching Zumba (yay!!), so I go from school to dance to zumba to work in a hurricane-ish rush. I often close at Smoothie King on Fridays (as I will today) which means I’m not home till 11 pm.  And by the time I get to Friday, my to-do list is enormous and I’m facing a weekend filled with more work and rehearsals and no time to get things done….

You get the idea.  I’m not here to complain about my life woes (I figure we each have enough difficulties in our lives – I don’t want to burden you with mine, too!) but I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

Yesterday evening when I should have been doing homework I listened in on a really enlightening webinar hosted by Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point and Andrea of Dare to Be You’. The webinar was called “Negative Self-Talk and the Habit of Pleasing Everyone But You:  Learn to Love Yourself Full On” and when Caitlin mentioned it on her blog, I immediately knew I had to take part in the conference call.

Let me back track a bit.  I know I am blessed, loved, strong, and wonderful.  I can see how I’ve grown as a person over the last few years and I know my life is moving in a positive direction, even if I don’t quite understand it yet.  Be that as it may, I do doubt myself sometimes.  There are certain days (I’m talking about you, Mr. Friday) when I just can’t seem to get anything done.  My car is a mess, I’m unorganized, my inbox is overflowing, homework to be done.  And that’s not to mention the anxiety that comes with graduating from college and having to really grow up.  The webinar (which was so eloquently presented), covered a lot of illuminating material and left me feeling so refreshed! These days, I think it becomes to easy to place responsibilities over fun, self-worth, and heck – simply taking time to feel good about yourself.  I tend to judge myself based on how much I (don’t) get done each day, rather than by who I am.  At one point last night, a few hours after the webinar had ended, I was hit with this realization: a few days ago, I had what I deemed a “bad day” because I locked my keys in my car.  That one glaring incident made me forget all of the amazing things I did that day, including running 6 miles!  How silly it was of me to discredit such a feat!

I am now challenging myself (and you, dear readers) to cut the negative self-talk. Now. 

So as I walked across campus today, instead of obsessing over how stressful my Friday is, I let my mind wander and simply enjoyed al the good things today has to offer.  After all, I finally get to teach Zumba!



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