Two-Day B-Day (Part Two)


So it’s not an engagement ring…although putting it in the Prada package would be a good way to trick me.







Sunglasses!  I’ve finally graduated from the $10 pairs at TJ Maxx!  Sean got the idea a few weeks ago when I mentioned the fact that I’ve never had a nice pair. He let me pick these out, and I love them! The price makes me a little bit sick, though. At least their classic, though, and I’ll be wearing them for years! (Fingers crossed very tightly).

Sean gave me such a wonderful birthday, not because he buys me nice things, but simply because I got to spend time with him.  Our schedules are crazy and often crash (not to mention the fact that we live in different States) but he works so hard to be with me!



Sean also bought me one of these:


(S*bucks iced coffee, not the puppy – she’s been licking my face for the last 3 years now)


As for my actual birthday, on Wednesday, my morning started with class and this:


We had all day rain, thank you very much.

But wait! Something amazing happened in my kitchen before I pulled on rain boots and faced a soggy birthday:


Heck-freakin’ yeah.  What is that? Well that would be two pieces of French toast…


With banana in between – which I cooked on the skillet with the toast…


With deliciousness on top, comprised of peanut butter, yogurt, protein powder, and a few carob chips, all mixed and microwaved into a gooey sauce.

Oh, yeah.  That’s how a birthday should begin.

[Side note: a few of my readers have asked me about dieting eating healthfully and how to incorporate bread and other carbs into an anti-obesity eating plan.  As everyone should know by now, carbs are not evil.  Carbs are good for you and you neeeeed them for energy.  Stick to the whole grains.  Also, the bread I buy is called Healthy Life and ranges from 35-45 calories per slice. I like the whole wheat and the whole wheat flax]

Most of my day was filled with responsible, adult-like activities, like going to the bank, shopping for groceries, and renewing my driver’s license.  But I did see this when I parked on campus:


Not my car, by the way, but these are the things that make me laugh.

Later on, I went to my Grandma’s house, where I helped her prepare the birthday dinner:


The night’s menu included such things as ribs and baked beans, but here’s my menu:

Baked Veggies: Brussels sprouts, zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, and drizzled with truffle oil before serving.


Tastes better than it looks.  Everyone loved it – the truffle oil really made the dish.


Baked eggplant with tomato sauce and Rice Shreds Vegan Mozzarella.

Again, the picture just doesn’t do it justice. I’m falling in love with eggplant. And there was salad, off course, too.




I wore a lot of my presents the next day:



We decided to celebrate my brothers’ birthdays as well. Hunter will be 14 (ugh, he is getting far too old!) on October 15, and Trevor (forever the baby of the family) will be 11 on November 10. We don’t usually do them all together, but it was no big deal.


Trevor chose a key lime pie and did the candle-blowing-out


I enjoyed a little slice, along with some German chocolate cake (the best!) and some kiwi and mango. Gramma bought the fruit just for me!




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