Friday Five: My Wishlist

Happy Friday! I hope the week is winding down well for you. My Friday is going well, with the exception of accidentally missing my Physics Lab.  It started at 12 and I thought it started at 1!  Oops.

Thanks to every one who wished me a happy birthday – it was a good one, and I’ll be recapping it either tonight or tomorrow.

It’s time for another Friday Five! This week, I’m going to share with you the top five things that have been vying for my birthday money.  I have $200 dollars to spend, so there are some tough decisions to be made.

1. Zumba Gear

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zumba, it’s a fantastic Latin dance-based cardio workout which has grown into its own cultural phenomenon complete with its own clothing line. I’ve been a “Zumba-er” for quite a while now, and I really want to become an instructor, so I think it’s time for me to look the part! The clothes are so fun and cute, and they’re designed to make you feel sassy while you’re dancin’ your little butt off. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve got my eye on:



2. New Tennis Shoes

When I took my AFAA certification test last week, one of the first things I noticed is that every one else had nice tennis shoes. They were equally stylish, new-looking, and constructed for optimal athletic performance.  I was mortified when I looked down at my own feet. I’m not one to be jealous when other people have nicer things than I do, but these are just pathetic:



Yes, they have holes in them.  I guess they come in handy when I’ve forgotten what color socks I’m wearing? They’re at least 3 years old, have been worn in the river, and have carried me through probably over 100 miles and what I calculate to be over 432 hours of classes in this year alone.  I can only image how bad they are for me. The support is gone and the shoes are dead.  You can bet that my feet don’t feel awesome after two back-to-back high impact classes.

I love my mom, but she has a bad habit of assuming that, if they come in a 7.5, they’ll be just fine. I’m not going to complain about the fact that my 12 year old brother regularly gets top-of-the-line Nikes simply because they’re cool. For the sake of my joints and the fact that I want to move more efficiently during classes and runs, I’m ready for the perfect pair of tennis shoes.  My plan is to visit Fleet Feet, where they take you through some gait tests and determine exactly which shoe is right for your feet and your activity type. 



And if they happen to be hot pink, that would be fine with me. Winking smile

3. Heart Rate Monitor

A good HR monitor has been on my mind for a while.  Working out, to me, is about overall health and fitness, and an HR monitor will really help me keep track of my progress as I continue to get stronger. My ideal HR monitor has these qualities:

1. Calorie counter – I’m definitely not wanting to lose weight, but I think it is valuable to know how much food I need for the amount of calories I’m expending.  As you’ve probably noticed, I love taking back-to-back classes, the more intense, the better.  I’d like to know just how hard my body is working so I can give it adequate fuel.

2. Reliable heart rate monitoring (obviously)

3. Intensity Guidance – my personal fitness philosophy is to give 300% to every workout, and I’m not very good at knowing when to back off.  Some HR monitors actually tell you when your taxing your body too much.  It’s important to be good to yourself!

My top two choices:


Suunto M5


Polar FT60

4. A Shopping Spree at J Crew and/or Anthropologie



Does the last skirt look familiar?

5. A Bunch of Little Things.

Okay, so this might break the rules of Friday Five, but one of my other birthday money options is to buy several smaller items that I’d like.  These would include

1. A grocery trip to Whole Foods

2. Books! I have a long book wishlist

3. Gold’s Gym workout clothes

4. Coffee (I’m tragically out and mom doesn’t buy it when she gets groceries.  I think the coffee aisle scares her?)

5. Makeup

6. New Leotards

At this point, I’m leaning towards some Zumba clothes and tennis shoes. The HR Monitor is enticing, though.  Maybe I’ll have to budget and save up for it? Speaking of saving, I’m trying to ignore the voice of practicality within me that’s been whispering, “save the money, save the money!” You know what? I’m always saving.  It’s time to have a little fun.

Any advice from my readers?  What do you think I should buy? What would you do with $200?


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