The Week in Pictures

What a crazy week this has been!  Since I have an equally crazy day ahead of me – work, dance, gym, lots of homework – I’m mostly going to let the pictures do the talking.

I spent a fabulous Labor Day with Sean in his hometown. We went to an apple orchard:


I was tempted to buy their whole collection of sugar free preserves.


(Heehe: the photos here are really blurry because I kept getting weird looks from people. “Why is that girl taking iPhone photos of jam?” I guess it’s something bloggers have to get used to?)


Sean’s mom made a great dinner, as usual.  She really works hard to make sure that my eating preferences are accommodated.  Thanks, Val!!


I had Portobello mushrooms, salad, carrots, apples and cinnamon…as many veggies as I could eat! She kindly fixes my own separate salad without dressing.


Sean and I also took a glorious walk (I both love and hate the new cool weather), and Sean magnificently jumped this police tape.


So fast I could hardly get a picture!  It was my idea to jump it in the first place, but I’m a shortie and couldn’t do it. Smile

The rest of the week was spent dog-sitting these two crazy cute girls:


And since this meant I’d be away from home (Oh, the freedom!) for 5 days, I had to act as if I were going to be away for 5 months.

Lots of food came with me:


Oatmeal, quinoa, Wasa crackers, popcorn, guacamole, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, raisins, bananas, chia seeds, Nutritional Yeast, black beans, snack bars, raisins…


Vanilla, flax seeds, Truvia, tea, Bragg’s…


Peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, salsa, kale, spinach, assorted greens…


Shirataki noodles and smoked tofu.

And since the dog’s live so closely to Whole Foods, I just had to visit:


Vegetable Heaven!!


Some of my spoils:



I love carob chips!

I also bought and enjoyed one of these:


Which I enjoyed with lunch al fresco.


And last, but certainly not least, I took my AFAA Group Exercise Certification Test yesterday!


Let’s hope #20 passed! I’ll do a recap later.

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what the Smoothie King bathroom looks like (doesn’t every one?) there it is.

Just to tantalize everyone, I have some great recipes coming up soon.  Think vegan pie crust, cookie cake, chocolate pie, banana oat cakes, and spring rolls!

I’m off to try to straighten my hair, get dressed, pack a lunch, and find my ballet shoes in 30 minutes!


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