Malfunctions…boy were there a lot of them yesterday! It wasn’t terrible or anything, but if I believed in all that mystical, magical stuff, I’d say the planets were in a wacky alignment today!

First of all, I was up way early for no reason.  This is a common “malfunction” for me – as in, it happens just about every day.  Even throughout my entire summer, I could never manage to sleep past 7 a.m.!  And this morning I was up at 6.


But it’s okay, I love waking up before the sunrise!  But it wasn’t dark for long.


Thankfully, this morning featured the return of my beloved oatmeal.  I cannot tell you how excited I was!


With copious amounts of joy, I heated my overnight, cinnimon-y oats, added banana, a few crushed almonds…and then I went to reach for the Stevia…

Which had been on the grocery list.

For which I had been longing.

I needed (faux) sweetness.

And it wasn’t there.  Walmart malfunctioned: no Stevia. I was so upset!  I subbed honey, but it just didn’t seem to do a lot and I really didn’t want to drown my oatmeal in sticky honey.

Alas, life moves on.  In fact, mine moved on into Brit Lit class.  There has been a massive A/C malfunction in that room, and we melted today.  So, so hot, and I was drinking coffee, too! I had two choices: 1. Drink hot coffee and be even warmer, but alert, or 2. Don’t drink the coffee, be slightly warmer and ridiculously drowsy.

What won’t I do to fuel my coffee addiction?

The next malfunction occurred in my Modern Drama class:

(By the way, it’s tricky to snap a picture in class without every one wondering what the heck I’m doing!)


We were supposed to watch this play (with an uber-young Matthew Broderick), but the sound/picture synchronization was completely wonky. Dr. Hickenlooper had tried to convert his VHS copy onto a DVD, with disastrous results.  Half the time, we couldn’t even tell what the characters were saying!

In such times, I reminisced about my time with Sean yesterday.  Brief recap:

Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes:


BIG HUGE SALAD. UNLIMITED!! Spinach, butternut squash shreds, corn, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, a tad bit of rice, pickles (!), chickpeas, jalapeno…I want to live at this place.

Bonus: fat-free frozen yogurt!


+ granola and choco sprinkles.


This girl was happy.  Sean is getting so good at finding places with lots of food options for me.  Thank you!!! Red heart

He then took me to the Galleria.  J. Crew, Steve Madden, Coach, Anthropology…In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I die.” Poor Sean had to withstand every explosion of “Ohhhhhh, it’s so cute! Ohh, this blazer!  I must try it on.  Feel this cashmere sweater…don’t you just love these fall colors? Uhhh, and with the corduroy’s!” I even broke down and tried things on at Anthropology.


I fell in love with this skirt.  I fell in love with way too many things. Unfortunately, my wallet magically repels money.

But all you need is love, right?  And Stevia…I must go fix that problem.


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