No Big Deal

And just like that, the school-week is halfway over!  Really, no matter how much I fret and spend hours “mentally preparing,” going back to college is just not that big of a deal.  And after 17 years of first days, what did I expect? The first meeting of each class is practically guaranteed to be boring (“Don’t smoke, don’t wear hats”), but at least the literature nerd side of me gets fired up and I get really excited about learning. I’ll save you a boring rant, though, and just give you a few snippets of the last two days. (Don’t worry, I have some cooler posts coming up!)

1. I have to read Beowulf AGAIN?! I had one go at it in high school, and this is my fourth (I think) time while in college.  I understand that it’s an important part of the literary canon but, really, the classification as “great” literature is all based on opinion.  Considering the huge amount of literature floating about, why are LU English majors assigned to read Beowulf half a dozen times? Granted, the amount of surviving Anglo Saxon Lit is rather small, but…ugh. Give me something new!

2. Lindenwood is OLD.  The room in which I take British Literature cannot handle the electrical stress of the A/C and the lights (not to mention the professor’s computer) and so the power gives out every few minutes.  It has been so hot in there!  You can actually see sweat rolling down everyone’s faces.  No bueno.

2. It feels wonderful to be in LU dance classes again.  I had both pointe and modern yesterday! Pointe was…basic…but I was just happy to plié! Modern was really cool, too.  I don’t have much experience in modern dance, so I can’t wait to push my body into uncharted territory.  My body has surprised me countless times (1/2 marathons, Body Combat, weight lifting…not your normal ballerina stuff!) so I’m just going to jump right in and learn.  It’s okay if I don’t get everything right away!  I always avoided Modern because I might not be awesome at it.  Then again, why do I want to be awesome at everything, anyway? That’s boring!

3. Ballet is a fabulous workout.  My calves are so sore today, although that might also have something to do with Step class last night.  Over the summer, my body got really used to gym workouts.  While my improved cardiovascular endurance will help out both in the gym and the dance studio, I could definitely feel different muscles working.

4. Being sick, especially during the first week back at school is no fun.  The last few days have involved a lot of restless sleep, headaches, plus a sore throat and stuffy nose.  Yuck!  Nights are definitely the worst: laying down makes the sinus pressure even worse, and I spend the whole night being aware that I can’t breathe.

Normally when I’m sick, I just fill myself with whatever OTC meds I can get my hands on.  As long as I could function, it didn’t matter medication I used. This time, I’m experimenting with more natural, slightly homeopathic remedies. I’ve been drinking lots of this:


The directions instruct the drinker to consume 6 cups per day, but I’ve only been doing about 3, since it’s hard to make tea while I’m out and about or at the gym*. I don’t know whether it really works, but it’s soothing and tastes really good!

When I went to work yesterday, I tried one of our supplements, which is supposed to make my throat and sinuses better.  I also enhanced my vitamin-c-filled smoothie with an Immune boost!


*And yes, I’ve been working out, but I’m trying to take it easy, too.  The goal has been to find a middle ground between my normal killer schedule and being a complete sloth of sickness.  I took out my early morning classes, but did my evening workouts on Monday and Tuesday.  I actually felt better during that time; moving around…um, cleared me out a bit…and it kept my mind off feeling miserable!

Lastly, I cannot wait for Friday.  I finally get to see the RN. My RN.  And not because I’m sick, but because I love spending time with him!


Speaking of that tea, my cup is empty…


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