Quiet Time

Today is a designated crazy day of ultimate preparation.  You know how, when you’ve boarded a roller coaster, you go through a mental checklist before you take off? You check your seatbelt, jewelry, secure your sunglasses – everything you can do to make sure nothing falls out of place because things are about to get wild.  Fast.

My life is about to get wild and I have to make sure everything is in order! And it needs to happen quickly and seamlessly – school starts tomorrow!  My to-do list is 3 miles long.


Or something.

Mental preparation is huge for me.  I’m just not one of those people who can jump right in to something without forethought.  Then again, I’m also learning that things always seem a lot worse (to me) then they turn out to be.  I get completely freaked out about an upcoming challenge in life, but when I look back later on, it wasn’t so bad at all. That’s one of the reasons why Sean is a perfect match for me: he keeps me sane and ensures me that everything will be just fine.

Therefore, I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend focusing on being calm and noticing life’s little joys…

Like making mom and I “homemade” tortilla chips with corn tortillas:


Cut, salt, and pop ‘em into the oven!


Served with guac, tomatoes, and cucumber.

Trying out the free (!) headphones I received in the mail


which I’m grateful for even though I have to readjust them like every two strides.

My new, amazing workout capris, courtesy of Sean


I think they make me run faster!

Aaaand this truly impressive beast of a salad:


There’s a Moe’s next door to Smoothie King, and our two stores have a deal where I can either get a free smoothie while I work, or I can swap out my smoothie for a meal at Moe’s.  I haven’t been there since I ate meat (and frankly, didn’t care what I put in my mouth) so I didn’t consider eating there.  But last night, a Moe’s worker came in and said I should come over and check it out.  He was super supportive of my lifestyle and fixed me up with a salad of romaine, rice, black beans, tofu, onions, hot peppers, pico de gallo, mushrooms, and guacamole!  I couldn’t even eat it all!  Being raised in the clean plate society, that doesn’t happen often!

I saved it for my post-gym lunch today and enjoyed it with a new magazine:


Magazines are definitely my guilty pleasure.

I’m also trying to approach the school year stress-free by appreciating the silence and stillness in my life. I know it sounds very hippy and zen, but I think it is incredibly important to slow down and just be.

There was some lovely silence in my house this morning before every one else awoke:


Tea and reading time all by myself! No boys running and screaming all over the place. Also, the tea was ultra good today because I enjoyed it in one of my favorite mugs, which had been missing for over a year until mom found it lurking in the back of the cabinet last week!

There was also a much-needed stillness of thought during today’s 4 mile HIIT run: music was blasting, but being focused on running (30 second sprints at 8.5 mph alternating with 30 second jogs at 6.3 mph) freed my mind of mental clutter.

And then there was yoga! I had a really good class today even though my muscles were tired after a powerful hour of cardio.  I’ve finally found the right combination of things to ensure I have enough energy left for yoga: lots of water, a Clif energy block, and some foam rolling.  My instructor, Joe, also playing my favorite music today!  So inspirational.

Alright, I’m off to tackle that to-do list.  I can WILL finish everything!


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