Man-less Monday

Happy Monday!  Well, I know Monday really isn’t the day most people look forward to, but I’ve been waiting for it all weekend: it’s my day off!  Between work and the gym, Saturday and Sunday were completely exhausting.  All I wanted to do when I got home was curl up and read.

So I know I said that nothing beats oatmeal for breakfast, but this morning’s savory meal really hit the spot.


Forgive the photo quality (my dad was hanging around and being strange) but it tasted Amazing: scrambled egg whites with spinach, onions, and green peppers plus a little NOOCH, and two pieces of broiled toast with tomatoes and mozzarella Rice Shreds.


Plus, my new favorite mocktail! I’m more of a water/tea/coffee girl, but this is SO refreshing:


Equal parts pink grapefruit juice and coconut water! This is so good, and I would definitely suggest this crisp, cool combination even if you don’t like coconut water or grapefruit juice separately.

This isn’t the only grapefruit cocktail I’ve tried and loved recently. Check out this yummy Hi-ball Energy Drink:



The very slightly grapefruit-flavored drink is labeled “sparkling energy water” and it contains taurine, guarana, ginseng, and 80 mg of natural caffeine.  Cool, but here’s why I really like it:

1. It’s loaded with B vitamins (120% RDA of B12!)

2. It comes in a glass bottle, which means it looks cool while being much more recyclable than most drink containers and is also non-toxic.

3. At only 10 calories per bottle, it has “no sugar. No carbs.  Naturally flavored. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners.” According to the website, it’s “the only energy drink in the world that does not have any sugar or sweeteners of any kind.”

4. It comes in 5 water flavors and 4 juice flavors….and it tastes so light and refreshing!

And it’s even better by the pool:


I just might have to go get another one to enjoy on my day off!  There is, after all, one downside to this day.  I’m used to spending my Mondays with this handsome guy:


(Side note: that’s him thinking he’s beating me at Words with Friends.  Another side note: when you order coffee with run and Kahlua, don’t swap out the Kahlua for more rum.  It’s nasty.  We didn’t finish that coffee!)

He’s on a road trip through the Southern States with a guy friend.  He’s having a blast and they’re seeing all sorts of weird roadside attractions:



Gigantic dragon topiary? Enormous 10 Commandments?  Mmmkay.

I can’t wait to see him again!


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