Magical Morning

Happy August!  Summer is just zooming by, isn’t it? My last semester of college is creeping up, and I’m starting to get that roller-coaster-just-before-takeoff feeling!

The last few mornings have been so misty and steamy! 


Early morning is one of my very favorite times of day.  I’m always the only one awake around here,and I love how a certain still, untouched feeling hangs in the air.


I had the perfect mug of coffee on this mystical morning:

Picnik collagecoffee

Look what happens to the other side when hot liquid is in the mug!


But this was definitely the most magical part of the morning…

Picnik collage

This is not a jar of Better’n Butter!  It’s the gloriousness of what gets to happen when you’re just about to the bottom of the jar!

The end result:

Picnik collage

PB&J Almond Oats

They are AMAZING.

Recipe comes tomorrow, as well as a recap of last night’s fabulous cavorting around STL with Sean and friends!

Time to work it.



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