Reviews for You’s

Hello hello!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday. Just to let you know, I do not except “you’s” as a proper word, nor do I use it. Heh.  But my grandma does, and that’s okay, because she’s pretty darn awesome.  And it rhymed!


Meine Frühstück: Egg whites + tofu with mushrooms, onions, and lots of greeeeeen: green bell peppers, spinach, and cilantro! Plus sriracha and a sprinkle o’ NOOCH because I can’t.stay.away.


And two pieces of toast.  All had butter, but each triangle was different: 1. NOOCH, 2. Strawberry preserves, 3. Truvia and cinnamon, 4. Just butter.  I’m not a good decision-maker.

After breakfast, I started my morning with a math test which I FAILED – really!  I was the first person to finish, but not because I was speedy…I simply couldn’t answer all the questions and I BOLTED.  The fact that I was eager to get to Zumba class didn’t make it any easier to sit in that classroom, either. Winking smile

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a dorky, hard-studying, perfectionist A-craver though and through.  But I was so done with that class.  I miss studying literature and writing essays! 

But it’s all okay now.  I went to Zumba (which brings me so much stress-relieving joy that I sometimes want to cry during class – am I crazy?) and now I’m hanging out at Kaldi’s coffeehouse.

Picnik collage


  My favorite!  I’m also excited because Valley Vinyasa, a local yoga studio, is offering free classes this weekend for their one-year anniversary.  4 o’clock Power Hour, here I come!

I’m kicking off this rainy afternoon with reviews for some products I’ve tried over the past week.

1. Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea


I found this guy hiding on the shelf in the “special deals” aisle of Dierberg’s the other day.  Only 99 cents!  It jumped into my hand and came home with me. Guyaki is a major producer of yerba mate, which is an ancient South American tea.  According to the website, it has “the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” but without the jitters and upset stomach that coffee may cause. 


The first thing I do when considering food/drinks is check out the nutrition and ingredients.  As a general rule, I stick with calorie-free drinks (the occasional glass or three of wine not included!).  I’d prefer to spend my calories on yummy food.  Chewing > drinking.


So what sold me on this tea?  1. it’s got a good amount of caffeine, which is more than welcome since I’m out of coffee at home.  2. There are only 15 calories per half bottle and I know I would be stretching it out over a few days since getting “special” drinks is a rarity for my ailing budget.  3. No added sugar!  It’s so hard to find a bottled tea that’s just tea.  Organic, pure, and un-sweetened is the way to go, in my book.

That being said, this Yerba Mate will probably be a little to strong and herby for those whose taste buds are accustomed to sweeter things.  This is a powerful brew made for sipping, not chugging.  I liked it, though – its clean taste pairs well with fresh veggies and was very refreshing in all this summer heat.  Only problem?  I don’t know how much it costs when it’s not on sale.

Final verdict: Awesome choice for plain tea drinkers, but maybe not the best choice for an non-adventurous beginner.

2. Extra Dessert Delights: Apple Pie

I spotted this one staring at me in the checkout line.  It looked disgusting.  Apple pie in gum form just seems wrong, and I’ve never been one for apple pie, anyway. But it was so weird that I had to buy it.  What’s life without a little risk?  I figured if I didn’t like it, I could donate it to my brothers.  They still like weird stuff…


(source) No, thank you!

At least I could be sure that the gum isn’t as unhealthy as pie!


Apple-pie flavored non-pie





The Verdict: As much as I almost don’t want to admit it, the gum was actually really good!  It was slightly cinnamon-y, slightly fruity.  I could never give up minty gums, but I’ve already been through the whole pack (in 4 days?) and want more!

Some questions for you: would you try either of these products?  What have you tried recently that was out of the norm?


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