Body Pumpin’ and Pic Snappin’

What a busy week!  It’s only Wednesday and yet I feel like it should be Friday.  But since I got a bit behind on things, let’s pretend it’s Monday, shall we?

For those who don’t know me, I work for Weissman, a nationwide distributor of dance costumes, leotards, warmups…just about all the gear a dancer could ever want.  Now, this is just my biased opinion, but I think I’ve got the best job: I get to be a model for the catalogues and website!  It’s definitely one of those dream jobs I never thought a normal girl like me could have.


It is so surreal to see the finished photos, and the feeling intensified for sure when I held the actual catalogues.  I’ve thumbed through those catalogues since I was little and have always admired the dancers in them. Dreams do come true!  Although now that I think about it, this would definitely not be everybody’s dream job – a lot of people don’t like getting their picture taken!  There were also a lot of pictures that involved baring my stomach or wearing itty bitty dance shorts.  Normally, I would not feel comfortable dancing like that, but this job has definitely taught me that confidence is key when it comes to pulling off such outfits.


Since my job at Weissman involves being enthusiastic and high-energy, I thought I’d get myself pumped with a Body Pump class. My call time was at 11 am, so the 8:30-9:30 am Pump class fit in just right.

Since I have a fab hair and makeup artist at Weissman, I didn’t spend time straightening my hair in the morning. Instead, I washed it and threw it up into a twisty while it was still wet.


Heh, check out that curl!  Happens all the time.  Does anyone else get rebel curls like that?


Blech…grainy iPhone photo. Also ignore the strange facial expression. Ready for Body Pump!  I seriously think I’m addicted to that class.  Upping my weight every once in a while allows me to really see my improvement.  Plus, getting through every rep makes me feel like I can conquer anything!

After pump and a quick de-sweatifying wash, I was off to the shoot!  It was 6 1/2 hours of:

1. Costume/outfit change

2. Hair and makeup

3. Picturespicturespictures

4. Video shoot – I stand before a screen and dance to whatever is playing on the radio.  No choreography – I just let the costume “speak” to me.  The videos are then posted online so potential customers can see the products in action.

5. Repeat!

I really love the whole process. When I was originally hired at the start of the year, I was anxious about the fact that my size/appearance would be under scrutiny of the production staff.  On the set, I’m watched not only by the photographer and videographer, but a whole slew of design people.  And given the fact that people these days are always judging people on a bizarre skinny-to-fat spectrum, I thought the modeling industry might be a bit harsh.  But that’s not so at Weissmans!  Everyone is so nice and positive, and there is always applause when we snag the right shot.  I love nice people. Smile

A long, successful day of smiles and poses calls for a reward…Whole Foods!! The nearest location is a bit over 30 minutes away (not including traffic) and it just so happens to be super close to Weissman’s!  I owe mom a big thank-you for donating me a bit of cash.  Still, I had to stick to quite a modest budget – always a challenge because there are so many things to buy!  In the end I left with NOOCH (Nutritional Yeast), seitan jerky, tempeh, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, wheatberries, Seaweed snacks, date rolls, carob chips. And I couldn’t leave without hitting the hot foods bar for dinner:


In the mix: Steamed kale (!), 3 types of tofu, mushrooms, arugula, power kamut blend, steamed veggies, and some yummy lentil curry thing.  Don’t let the picture fool you – I’d already eaten about half of it by the time I remembered to take a picture!

Another reason to celebrate? Monday was my last day without a regular source of income (Weissman’s takes care of me well, but shoots tend to be sporadic) – Tuesday was my first day at my new job! I was hired at Smoothie King last week, and although it’s a far cry from writing full time or joining a ballet company, a) I’m a long-time Smoothing King fan, b) They use whole, natural foods with vegan options, and d) I get to sell supplements and give my customers snippets of nutritional advice!

Have you ever tried Smoothie King? What’s your favorite smoothie?

As I said, I’ve been going to Smoothie King for years – it’s just a minute away from my old high school and where I used to go to college!

My usual smoothie is typically the Vanilla Slim-N-Trim.  It sounds boring and I’ve never been much of a plain vanilla type of girl, but I generally use their smoothies as snacks, not meals, and this one fits the bill.  Plus, it’s yummy!  My new favorite, however, is the chocolate Lean 1.  Honestly though, I don’t think there’s a smoothie on the menu that I don’t like!  You won’t find me drinking a Hulk, however.  Those 872-1035 (just the small size!) calorie wrecking balls aren’t really designed for petite, female ballet dancers! Yikes.


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