Hello!  Thank you so much for stopping by. I am thrilled to finally start my own blog!  For more than a year now I’ve lurked around on other fitness/food/health blogs (by ‘lurked,’ I mean I spend WAY too much time reading them each day!) and have always wanted to be part of the community.  I really admire the healthy bloggin’ ladies: I love Healthy Tipping Point, Kath Eats Real Food, The Fitnessista…the list is truly enormous.  I hope to pass on the same inspiration and zest for healthy living to my own readers.

But here’s something crazy: simply wishing I had a blog doesn’t magically create one.  It turns out that I actually have to sit my butt down and do it.  Crazy

So here I go.  My vision for this blog is to share my healthy life – my eats, my sweats,  and that never ceasing journey to stay healthy and balanced. My mind is reeling with every thing I want to share, but for now I’ll stick to today. After all, this morning’s yoga class taught me (as it does every time I take it) how important it is to just be in the present.  Where I am now is exactly where I’m meant to be!

After trying and failing to stay asleep for half and hour, I popped out of bed this morning at 7 and went straight down to the kitchen. I can’t do anything before I eat breakfast!

This morning’s fuel was rather odd for me.  I really prefer oatmeal pumped up with banana and almond milk (and whatever else I feel like throughout in!) but we’ve been out for a few days.  I’m not sure how much longer I can go on without it!

After realizing we are also out of bread I delved into our basement freezer only to find 2 – 2!!! – empty Vitatop boxes!  Who would do  that to me? Normally I’d fall back on some scrambled tofu and veggies, but after all that searching, I didn’t feel like cooking anything.  I ended up with mishmash of foods:

Nonfat Greek yogurt with a sprinkling of Rice Krispies for texture, plus 1/4 grapefruit, a few almonds, and cinnamon+Truvia…

…And 1/2 a Flat Out wrap with pb/apricot preserves, another grapefruit quarter, almonds, and part of a mango.  I love mango but this one isn’t ripe enough yet so I only had one slice. And yes, that would be a paper plate.  Pretty soon I’ll put some more effort into photos, but I was hungry! I think the reason why this breakfast seemed so odd to me was because it didn’t include a banana.  I think I eat one every morning.

Then I relaxed for a while with a book.  Did you see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows hanging out in the background of my yogurt picture?  Enter my dorky side now…I’m not ashamed! I am an English major, by the way.  I actually got to see the movie on opening night, but I’m probably going to see it again with my family tonight (fingers crossed!) and I wanted a bit of a textual refresher. I’m just reading through the last few chapters, and then I’m back to reading Wuthering Heights!

By 9:30 I slipped on some flip flops and was out the door for yoga.  The flip flops were crucial: I knew I would want to pound out some cardio while I was at the gym, but I just emerged from a very exercise-heavy week and I now my muscles need some downtime! Just yoga for me today, please.

I think my computer needs a rest too; the fan is getting pretty loud!  What am I up to next? Swimsuit + Raft + magazine + pool. Have a good day!


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